7 Singaporean Women Share Shocking Stories About Their Maids

7 Singaporean Women Share Shocking Stories About Their Maids

"I once caught my helper kissing my 2-year-old daughter on the lips! I don't even do that!"

When you hire a new helper for your family, you're not quite sure how she is going to fit in with your family. Although there are boundaries and rules set up, some helpers just cross the line. We spoke to 7 Singaporean mums and they shared with us some horror stories about their helpers. Yikes!

Wei Ling, 34

"I once caught my helper kissing my 2-year-old daughter on the lips! I don't even do that!"

Alison, 28

pictures of kids not to post on social media

"You know how Facebook has the 'people you may know' function? Well, it just so happens that when I was scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across a familiar looking face that had popped up in my 'people you may know' section. It was my maid! To be honest, I wanted to add her as a friend, but as soon as I saw that she was wearing my clothes in ALL her pictures (I did a little stalking on her profile), I was furious!"

Liana, 39

"There was once when my hubby and I had just returned home from date night. We got home around 11pm and saw that our 2 kids were already asleep, so we went into our maid's room to check to see if she was asleep too. She was lying on her bed and using her phone, so we told her that we had just gotten home and wished her goodnight. She mumbled a goodnight and my hubby and I went back to our room.

As my husband took a shower, I was at our dressing table removing my makeup. When he finished showering, he went to our wardrobe and opened it to get his pyjamas out and to his horror, he saw a man standing inside! He yelled for the man to get out and I freaked out too! The man rushed out and went out the front door, and my hubby went into our maid's room to question her.

We found out that the man was her boyfriend, and had been secretly coming over whenever we were out on date nights! We were super angry! What if he had harmed our kids or if our kids had seen what they were up to? We sent her back to the agency after that incident. We were just lucky that our kids weren't hurt or that anything bad had happened."

Syafiqah, 45

7 Singaporean Women Share Shocking Stories About Their Maids

"I was on MC from work once and decided to take the clothes out of the washing machine to let them hang dry. My helper had gone down to the market to get some groceries and I decided to just help her out a bit by doing the laundry. As I was hanging the clothes on the bamboo poles, I noticed some panties that clearly weren't mine.

I lived with my husband, my 3 boys and my helper, so it was pretty clear who's panties those were. I've always hand-washed my own panties and have told my helper to do the same, because it's not hygienic to mix your soiled panties into the laundry where everyone else's clothes were, but I guess she didn't listen. Yuck!!"

Li Ting, 31

"We hired a maid when our daughter was about a year old, as I was starting to head back to work and we needed someone to take care of our daughter. We got this one maid from Indonesia, and though she was pretty soft-spoken, she indicated that she had kids of her own and had experience in taking care of young children. So for the first few weeks, we trusted her to be alone with our daughter and everything seemed fine.

However, whenever I got home, I noticed that my daughter was always hungry, and would be very agitated. We installed a CCTV camera during her off day and monitored throughout the week. What I saw was shocking! Whenever my daughter cried or wanted to play, this maid would just ignore her! She would sit there and glance at my daughter, and let her cry. I caught her losing her temper at my daughter on a few occasions too.

That's not the worst part yet, she even stole food from my daughter. Can you believe it? A grown adult stealing food from a kid! We had those little baby snacks that we bought because my daughter loves it. But we saw on the CCTV camera that she would open these snacks for herself, and ignore the cries of my baby. I fired her immediately."

Remy, 37

Postnatal Depression

"I once had this maid who would cry herself to sleep every single night. Not just the soft cries, I tell you. Those loud, weeping cries. It spooked my kids out so much that they would sleep with me instead of in their own rooms. I sent her back to the agency and told them about what happened. I hope she's doing okay now."

Christine, 30

"I had hired this maid and she left within 2 days. She claimed that she felt spooked out and uncomfortable in my home - like there was a lingering 'spirit' around (in her exact words). Up till this day, I don't really understand what she felt or saw, nor do I plan to find out."

What are your maid stories?

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