Mum Shares Beauty Trick To Applying Full Makeup With One Hand Effortlessly

Mum Shares Beauty Trick To Applying Full Makeup With One Hand Effortlessly

Here are 5 steps to putting on full makeup with just one hand!

Putting on makeup with little ones wailing in the background is no easy feat. We all go through this ever-so-exhausting phase of having to carry our six-month-old every where we go, especially if there isn't any helper around to supervise. So how do power mummies look so fabulous all the time? No worries, I'll help a sister out! Here are 5 steps to putting on full makeup with just one hand!

An essential mummy beauty trick: makeup with one hand

Step 1: Say no to liquid foundation and yes to foundation sticks

The first thing to note when putting on foundation with only one accessible hand is optimum convenience. Foundation sticks usually come with a snap-on cap that opens and closes so easily with just one hand.

I usually pop it open with my finger and thumb, draw lines on the essential highlight points of my face – the T zone, cheekbones, and chin, then flip the stick so I can use my lower thumb and wrist to smooth the hue on. The creamy formula blends seamlessly and has a barely-there finish that you can layer with mineral powder for more coverage.

My skincare tip: As I have hormonal acne problems on the T zone and jawline area, I try my best to avoid liquid foundation and stick to mineral-based products.

Step 2: Use bronzer as your eyeshadow crease


After I'm done with foundation, I use any kind of brush to contour the temples, cheekbones and jawline with a bronzer.

I then use that same brush to roughly swipe it on the crease of my lids to give my eyes depth WITHOUT having to whip out an eyeshadow palette – think smart, utilise your products however way suits you best!

Step 3: No eyeliner please

Admit it, mummies barely have time to shave their legs clean, what more draw a perfect winged liner. With the little one pulling our hair out as we struggle to get ready, it's evident we don't have time for precision. So say no to eyeliner and yes to fresh-looking eyes!

Quick tip: Ensure the centre of your lids are highlighted!

Most mums have the misconception that drawing a winged liner can conceal the tiredness of the eyes by making it bigger but the real trick is to conceal the eye contour and highlight only the middle of your eyelids with just a smidge of highlighter, brightener or even BB cream – use your pinky finger to do this.

Step 4: Mascara

Mascaras are your holy grail to looking fresh and awake. It is what actually opens up your eyes so I recommend never skipping this step. If you simply cannot apply mascara – without your little one causing you to smudge it all over – you can just opt for an eyelash curler instead. Make sure to squeeze the curler multiple times to compensate for the lack of volume that mascaras usually give.

Step 5: Lipstick

Go for a lip tint! I cannot survive without those. Make sure to get those that are moisturising to your lips. My favourite lip stain is definitely the Revlon Balm Stain (which has an easy pull-out cap) and the Colorstay Moisture Stain. Lightly dab it only in the inner part of your lips and smudge it out by pursing your lips.

Avoid dark or bright matte coloured lipsticks that require lining your lips for precision. At the end of the day, it's all about looking natural and fresh – yet still presentable and fabulous.

These are just some of my tips and tricks for busy mummies, but of course, a bare-faced day doesn't sound too bad either.

What are some of your mummy makeup tricks? Comment them down below! 

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Mizah Salik

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