7 Makeup Mistakes That Are Actually Making You Look Older Than Your Age!

7 Makeup Mistakes That Are Actually Making You Look Older Than Your Age!

There are numerous makeup mistakes that we accidentally make and they only add years to our appearance. Here are 7 of them!

We start wearing makeup because we want to hide tiny imperfections and enhance our natural beauty. Later, makeup gets yet another purpose – it becomes a tool we use to look younger. One thing I learned is that it takes a lot of experimenting to find a winning formula that, indeed, makes you look younger.

Until then, we repeat same mistakes that only add years to our appearance. Before you start feeling bad and questioning your makeup skills, bear in mind that these things happen to everyone.

I dealt with the same problems as well, but once you identify these mistakes and solve them, you can restore your youthful appearance. That’s why I’m bringing you 7 makeup mistakes that make you look older, and how to solve them.

1. Wearing matte and dark lipstick

Matte lipsticks are IN right now, but you may want to consider switching to creamy option. The reason is simple, matte lipsticks dry out your lips and emphasise all the lines including the ones you never even knew existed. As a result, this makes you look older, which isn’t the effect you want to achieve.

As you age and your lips start losing their definition, you should use lipsticks that create fullness. Darker shades induce the opposite effect, thus making your lips seem smaller and less hydrated.

WHAT TO DO: Opt for creamy lipsticks and lighter, softer shades. Or you can top a matte lipstick with a clear lip gloss.

2. Heavy under-eye concealer

The main purpose of concealer is to hide or conceal our imperfections, usually dark circles under eyes. However, the skin around your eyes doesn’t have sebaceous glands; which is why facial wrinkles appear in this particular region first. This delicate area needs special hydration and nourishment. Applying too much concealer creates the opposite effect, instead of brightening your eyes; it accentuates the fine lines and makes you look older.

WHAT TO DO: Using a makeup brush, apply a thin layer of concealer on the actual darker areas that you need to conceal. Avoid applying concealer all over the place or in areas where there’s no visible discolouration.

7 Makeup Mistakes That Are Actually Making You Look Older Than Your Age!

3. Improper use of mascara

Mascara is an inevitable part of every girl or woman’s makeup routine. While you may or may not skip some other product (depending on the outfit, time, and mood), mascara is the item that you use all the time. It gives volume and length to your eyelashes, makes them sensual and sexy.

However, when you don’t use mascara properly, it can only be bad news for your eyelashes and appearance. Here are some common mascara-related mistakes:

  • Too much mascara – clumpy and globby eyelashes
  • Not applying from the root to tip – lashes don’t look uniform
  • Starting with bottom lashes first – deposits too much product and makes lower eyelashes too dark
  • Too dark or too light mascara – eyelashes don’t look natural
  • Not removing mascara – brittle eyelashes that fall off, they may even scratch your cornea while sleeping

WHAT TO DO: Apply mascara properly from the root to the tip, don’t wear too many coats, and always remove mascara before bedtime.

4. Wearing too much foundation + powder

The right foundation is your best friend; it has the power to make you look younger instantly. However, applying too much foundation is counterproductive. A thick layer of foundation isn’t only unappealing (makes it seem like you’re wearing a mask), but it adds 10 years to your appearance.

Too much foundation settles into fine lines and takes away luminosity from your skin. It is needless to mention that if you don’t remove foundation, it can clog your pores and lead to a dull complexion. All these, seemingly minor things, can make you look way older than your true age.

Let’s not forget that powders accentuate fine lines and wrinkles on your face, give you that cakey appearance, and make your skin look and feel dry.

WHAT TO DO: First, ditch powders and use liquid foundations. Opt for a perfect shade and avoid over-applying. You can either apply a thin layer or cover only discoloured areas on your face. Remove foundation every night before bedtime, use cleanser to eliminate impurities, followed by one of many anti-wrinkle creams you can easily find on the market

5. Too much eyeshadow + rubbing your eyes

The way you choose and use eyeshadow can also make or break your appearance. For example, lighter, more natural colours make your eyes seem bigger while darker eyeshadows make your eyes seem smaller. Moreover, using too much eyeshadow takes away the natural look, and it can harm your eyelids.

How? Too much of the product can make your delicate eyelids dry and itchy. That’s why you’re more inclined to rub your eyes; which isn’t a good thing either. Rubbing your eyes causes tiny blood vessels to break, thus leading to bloodshot appearance and dark circles.

WHAT TO DO: Use bright, creamier, or more natural eyeshadows and avoid applying too much. Remember, the emphasis should be on your eyes, not makeup. To avoid rubbing your eyes, use eye drops that keep them hydrated.

7 Makeup Mistakes That Are Actually Making You Look Older Than Your Age!

6. Overdoing lip liner

A lip liner defines your lips and prevents colour from feathering into lines around your mouth, but you should choose one very carefully. The wrong choice of a lip liner can accentuate the fine lines around your mouth. Also, if you use a colour that is too dark, your lips may seem tight and pursed.

WHAT TO DO: Don't draw the lip line to make your lips seem bigger. Use the colour that matches your lips, not lipstick.

7. Lack of skincare routine, not removing makeup before bedtime

This isn’t, exactly, a makeup mistake but it is of huge importance. A vast majority of women confess they don’t have the habit to remove makeup before bedtime. As a result, impurities start building up in your skin, lead to a dull complexion and an oily appearance. 

WHAT TO DO: if you want makeup to look great on you, then you need healthy and nourished skin. Implement a regular skincare regimen containing a cleanser, toner (optional), serum to enrich your skin with potent, active ingredients, and finish off with a rich cream.

There are numerous makeup mistakes that we accidentally make and they only add years to our appearance. Correcting those tiny mistakes and implementing healthier techniques and habits can make you look younger instantly.

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