8 Reasons To Wear Sunscreen

If you're needing a little bit more push and convincing to make wearing sunscreen part of your skincare regimen, this list might help.

We have read and heard numerous times about the dangers of the UV rays from the sun, on TV, in advertising, and from doctors. UV rays age our skins and can cause skin cancers.

Yet, some of us still find that putting on sunscreen is too much a hassle.

So if you need a little bit more convincing to make wearing sunscreen as part of your skincare regimen, this list of the benefits of wearing sunscreen everyday might help:

Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen Everyday: 8 Reasons Why Wearing Sunscreen Is Important 

1. It decreases your risk of possibly developing deadly cancer

There is a direct association between lifetime sun exposure and a variety of skin cancers, including squamous cell carcinomas, melanomas, basal cell carcinomas. Using sunscreen daily, even when it is a cloudy or rainy day dramatically decreases your risk of developing these, between 40 to 50%.

2. It keeps you looking young

8 Reasons To Wear Sunscreen

Ultraviolet (UV) exposure is the number one cause of premature ageing of the face. UV-A penetrates the skin more deeply and induces mutations in the basal epidermis where our skin stem cells divide. Accumulated mutations will eventually deteriorate our cells. By wearing sunscreen, you can slow down this ageing process and delay the development of wrinkles and leathery skin.

3. Sunscreen keeps your skin tone even

In addition to slowing down ageing in our skin, one of the benefits of wearing sunscreen everyday is to prevent the development of brown spots and skin discolouration.

4. The ozone layer is depleting

The ozone acts as a sun shield of the earth by absorbing harmful UV-B rays before they reach the ground. It is also why UV-A makes up 95% of the UV rays reaching the surface of the earth. As the ozone layer depletes, we need added protection from these harmful rays.

5. Sun damage is cumulative

One of the ways dermatologists categorize skin types are based on the way they burn and tan. However, regardless of skin type and even if your skin type does not burn easily, wearing sunscreen is still important. This is because sunburn is only an immediate reaction of your skin to UV exposure, but sun damage is accumulated over a lifetime. Skin cancer does not discriminate against any skin type, as long as sun exposure builds up over time on unprotected skin.

6. Applying sunscreen is convenient

benefits of wearing sunscreen everyday

Compared to our parents, we now have many sunscreen options, from sprays, balms, to sunscreen imbued in moisturizers, facial and cosmetic products. Applying sunscreen is more convenient than it has ever been. However, it is also very important to reapply every 2 hours to keep up the SPF protection, and after getting out of the water if you swim or engage in water sports.

7. Sunscreen protects you from more than a sunburn

Sunburns, with red burning and stinging skin, is an unpleasant experience. However, there are other things that sun exposure can cause, including heatstroke and heat exhaustion. Putting on sunscreen protects you to a certain extent, and when in combination with precautions such as hydration, can help you avoid these issues.

8. Setting an example for your kids

We all know that we cannot change our childhood exposure to UV. However, by setting a good example for our kids, we can ensure that they grow up understanding the importance of UV protection and avoid running into problems later in life. Help protect your children, and yourself, by making sun safety a priority. 

It is never too late to start integrating sun-safe habits into your life. By wearing sunscreen or even using oral sunscreen regularly, especially during the most intense UV exposure of the day from 10 am to 4 pm, you can help protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV. 


This article was written by Dr Kwan Yuan Dong, Medical Aesthetic Doctor, S Aesthetics Clinic. It was edited and published with permission on theAsianparent. 



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