Local Women Share Touching Stories About Their Maids

Local Women Share Touching Stories About Their Maids

I'd just like to remind everyone out there that not all maids are horrible people, there may be a few rotten apples but there are the special ones as well."

We have all heard horror stories about maids, including a recent one on how a maid was caught abusing her employer’s child! Though hiring a helper for your home can be a risky business, these mums we spoke to had nothing but good things to say regarding their domestic helpers.

Check out what these 7 Singaporean mums shared with us!

Ee Ling, 28

Local Women Share Touching Stories About Their Maids

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“I think the sweetest thing my maid has ever done was to cook really tasty confinement food for me after I gave birth! She learned the recipes and even wanted to perfect it before actually giving it to me. I was so touched!”

Joanne, 38

“My helper has been with me for 10 years. She goes back to her home country whenever she needs to, but other than that, she has been renewing her contract with us for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my family never employed a maid. So when it was time for me to hire one, I wanted to make sure that I treated her like a friend instead of an employee. I’m very thankful that the first one I hired had been so good and loving towards my family and me.

My eldest daughter was in an accident once, and she had been hospitalised for a month. Throughout this time, it was my helper who attended to my daughter whenever I had to be at work, and when my husband couldn’t make it, she would come down and keep my daughter company, and would even buy my daughter her favourite chicken rice. It’s these things that make me realise that I am very, very blessed and I always make it a point to thank my helper by treating her to a good meal every month.”

Joy, 32

Local Women Share Touching Stories About Their Maids

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“My helper is like my best friend! My husband and I do not have kids yet, but my helper has been such a gem around the house. I’ll admit, I’ve never done the housework before, so having her do all that for me (and do it well) is a blessing. There was once when we were out doing some late-night grocery shopping at our nearby NTUC and were walking back when this man had tried to rob us! He blocked our path and he was holding something that looked like a pole, but I wasn’t too sure what it was as it was dark.

Since Singapore was such a safe place, I had never encountered that before in my life! I panicked and was prepared to give him my wallet, when my helper kicked him in the crotch and he fumbled in pain while she held my hand and we both ran off. I couldn’t stop thanking her for saving us. She said such things happen in Indonesia a lot, and that her parents had taught her how to defend herself from young. She’s my saviour!”

Kanchana, 30

“My son is physically handicapped and has mild autism, and I had a few maids that left within a few months because they couldn’t tahan taking care of him. It discouraged me a lot, especially when my baby boy would ask why his ‘aunties’ never stayed. I cried a lot. I am a widow, and I lost my husband to cancer 3 years ago, when my boy was just 5-years-old. Life was tough for me because I struggled to work and to take care of my son as my parents were getting old and they could not meet the needs of my boy.

I hired my current helper about a year ago, and she is truly an angel. She has been nothing but patient, sweet and kind and treats my boy just like her own! I can now head to work without the worry that my boy is going to be alone. I took my helper out for dinner one day and asked how she felt. She told me that back in the Philippines, she had a brother who was just like my boy. She had grown up taking care of him, and the reason why she came to Singapore to work was that she wanted to earn enough to send money back to her parents to take care of her brother.

She said that my boy was a very sweet soul, and it reminded her of her brother. I don’t think I’ve ever cried at a restaurant before but that was the first time that I did. I thank my lucky stars that I met her, and she’s such an amazing person. I’d just like to remind everyone out there that not all maids are horrible people, there may be a few rotten apples but there are the special ones as well.”

Hui Ying, 34

Local Women Share Touching Stories About Their Maids

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“I’ve had my helper for about 4 years now, and we had gotten her when I was pregnant with my first child. Right from the start, she was extremely caring towards me, ensuring that I was always careful in whatever I did in order to have a smooth pregnancy. When I gave birth, my helper even insisted on staying with me in the hospital! My husband was surprised too *laughs* I’m so grateful for having her in my life!”

Nirmala, 32

“My maid is God-sent. I had a miscarriage 3 years ago, and I fell into depression. Apart from my husband, my helper constantly made sure that I was eating and was well taken care of, even when I shunned her off many times. She told me that she knows it’s very “heart pain” to have a miscarriage, but life must still go on. She has been my pillar of strength and has never left my side.”

Nancy, 29

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“I just got a new helper, because I’m about 6 months pregnant and my husband and I thought that it would be great to have additional help around the house. I remember once, I was feeling really unwell and had been down with a fever. I couldn’t move much, and stayed in bed all day. It was my helper’s off day and I told her that she should go, in case she fell sick too.

To my surprise, she stayed home to take care of me. She looked through my mum’s recipe book and attempted to cook a herbal chicken soup for me, which was delicious, and stayed with me to ensure that I ate my medication and meals on time. She never once complained, and it was at that moment that I felt like she was more than just my helper, she was my friend.”

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