5 Most Shocking Incidents Involving Parents

5 Most Shocking Incidents Involving Parents

Have you heard of these incidents...

Let’s be real: Parenting is not for everyone. Every once in a while we see the extreme cases of proudly unfit parents who exhibit bad behaviour and become a menace to society.

1. A tragic end

According to sources, an explosive argument between a married couple with a one-year-old daughter, ended up in a murder, with the wife being charged.

Teoh Yi Wen, Vivien, was charged on 1 September with causing the death of Mr Yeo Han Tong, Gordon, 33, at the couple's Senja Road flat.

Teoh, 26, was said to have committed the crime between 11.30pm on Aug 30, 2015 and 12.50am on Aug 31.

Neighbours shared with reporters that the couple was generally a ‘quiet but friendly’ duo, and they were stunned to hear of the death of Gordon.

One of them heard the raging shouting at around midnight, which stopped after ten minutes.

At about 12.30am, he heard the couple's door opening and the shouting resumed. The neighbour said he heard a loud banging sound before everything fell silent again.

Soon after, he saw (through his peephole) Ms Teoh leaving her flat, with daughter in tow.

Mr Gordon was apparently found with slash and stab wounds at their four-room flat.

According to Mr Yeo's LinkedIn account, he worked as the vice-president of business development at IT company Quix Creations.

Ms Teoh's social media accounts indicate that she works at the Ministry of Social and Family Development as a human resource executive.

2. Kiasu much?

pressure stops learning

Yes, we know Singaporean parents are kiasu, but this one takes the cake. Mr Anthony Fok, 31, is an Economics tutor who is highly in demand. He set up JCEconomics.com in 2012 and just to get accepted, some parents even offer him higher fees.

"Students come to me because they know I teach more than just the basic (things) that the schools cover," he shared. Sources have said that Mr Fok was once offered $20,000 by a well-heeled parent to guarantee an A grade for her child one month before the A level examination.

He declined. He teaches economics four days a week to more than 200 JC 1 and 2 students annually, and charges $380 for four lessons, with each lesson lasting about 90 minutes. "It is not possible to work that kind of miracle at the last minute," he said.

3. Taken

5 Most Shocking Incidents Involving Parents

A woman finds her missing stroller on e-commerce website Carousell and confronts the man who ‘stole’ it, as told by sources.

Ms Clarissa (as what she wants to be known as) stumbles upon her $1,200 purple twin stroller (which had sentimental value to her) on sale for $750 on Carousell after it went missing. She makes an appointment to meet the seller who told her he found it near a rubbish bin and decided to put it up for sale.

She said on 10 September, just like on any other weekday at 9am, her husband, Mr Azis Diamel left the stroller outside their children's Bukit Panjang childcare centre while he took them inside.

It was a rainy day, so he decided to leave the stroller there (plus there was the security of the CCTV camera nearby). When he returned at 5.30pm, the stroller was gone.

The man who took Ms Clarissa's stroller claimed that the incident was a misunderstanding. He said that he had found it next to a rubbish bin near the childcare centre and it had been there for a week.

"If I wanted to steal it, I would've taken it from day one," he commented.

He had intended to keep the stroller for his son but on closer inspection, he found it unsuitable, so he put it up for sale.

Ms Clarissa had brought along two policemen with her when she showed up to meet him. The police took down the man's particulars.

4. Who got slapped?

Last November, a man was arrested for being a public nuisance after allegedly slapping someone else's three-year-old kid. Imagine that! The poor child was left with red finger marks across his face, according to sources.

This incident took place near a market at Lorong 7 Toa Payoh and witnesses said he reacted in such a way because he was unhappy that his two-year-old child had been hit by the boy. Many passers-by who saw what had happened voiced out that kids’ dispute should be among themselves. Adults should not step in with such force.

The man was arrested for being a public nuisance and the child was quickly sent to the hospital. When the concerned (and furious) crowd asked him what he would have done if the boy had gone deaf (as he hit him close to the ear), his response was "I'll just pay money 'lor'!" Boy oh boy!

5. Let there be drawing!

5 Most Shocking Incidents Involving Parents

As sources tell it, on 17 September, a bunch of parents were seen letting their kids use crayon and chalk to draw on the floor of the void deck at Anchorvale Road, saying the rain would eventually wash it away.
A shocked citizen noticed the doodling all over the floor of void deck at Block 310A. He shared that he would understand if it was the kids who were just up to mischief, but was surprised (and disturbed) that their parents were part of it. Calling them ‘’irresponsible parents’’, he said that he had never come across such a thing in the 15 years of him residing there.

What were you thinking, parents?

These shocking incidents are scary, aren't they? Let us know what you thought about them by leaving a comment below...

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