Singaporean men having unsafe sex in Batam

Singaporean men having unsafe sex in Batam

More than half of sex workers in Batam have Singaporean clients and a new study has found that most of these patrons are not using condoms.

Travelling overseas can be a risky business these days, especially when some men gamble with their health. Although sex tourism in Batam is not new, a new study has revealed that not all visitors who avail of the Batam massage with service are taking the necessary health precautions.

Batam massage with service involves low condom use, says study

Frequent Singaporean male visitors to Batam are not using protection. This is the finding of a new study conducted by a migrant welfare group, Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) and other non-governmental organizations in Batam.

Conducted in April 2012, the survey interviewed 300 sex workers; about half were from four of the eight sex farms in Batam and the rest worked in bars or clubs. It is estimated that there are about 5,500 sex workers in Batam.

The study went on to say that around 60 percent of sex workers in Batam, Riau Islands, have Singaporean clients, and only one in four of these clients use condoms on a regular basis.

batam massage with service

The study hopes to raise awareness about the dangers of unprotected sex. (image source: file photo)

High risk of HIV

However, these results are meant to raise awareness about safe sex and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections in Singapore. According to Bridget Tan, president of HOME, she stated that the main goal of the study was to look into the practicing of safe sex among Batam’s sex workers, and how that data could help shed light on cross-border HIV cases in Singapore:

“There is nothing new about Singaporeans going to Batam for sex, but now we know the magnitude of the potential HIV problem that involves Singaporeans; before we did not know much about their numbers or their condom use.”

HOME has since submitted the study’s findings to the relevant authorities.

“Men should exercise more responsibility” when getting Batam massage with service

Donovan Lo, director of the non-governmental group, Action for Aids, cited studies showing lower condom use among Singaporeans abroad. This is most likely because sex workers in certain places are less likely to initiate condom use:

“So Singaporean men need to exercise more responsibility for themselves when they are away,” he said, adding that his organization has encountered men who were diagnosed with HIV after patronizing sex workers overseas.

Lo also mentioned that the Singapore men who visit Batam for such encounters are mostly older Chinese men, but there is an increasing number of younger Malay males.

A very good reason for regular STD tests

Don’t think that asking for a STD test is a sign of mistrust in your relationship. Don’t sweep sexual health concerns under the rug. Remember –- prevention is better than cure.

It is vital that both of you are proactive about each other’s sexual health. Being free from sexually transmitted diseases and other related problems will ensure peace of mind and free both of you to be open with each other. This is important for the overall health of your relationship.

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Source: The Jakarta Globe

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