My secret mistress and love child in Batam...

My secret mistress and love child in Batam...

This "happily married man" is keeping a dark secret from his family. He has a mistress and a secret love child overseas.

*This story was sent in by a Singaporean dad who confesses to cheating on his wife. He even says he has found his happily ever after! Here is his story in HIS words...

I am 47-years-old and have been happily married to the same woman for the last 15 years. We have two sons, 13 and 11 years of age. My wife is a teacher and I am an engineer.

Every Friday evening, the whole family dines outside and enjoys quality time with one another. On Saturday mornings, I leave the family to join my buddies for golf in Batam and return back home by Sunday evening.

I don’t really play golf with my friends. I just tell my wife and kids that. I’m actually visiting my mistress and daughter living in Batam. Nobody knows about this.

Love Across the Sea

I met *Wati, my mistress, when I went to Batam one weekend to relax. My wife had taken the kids to Malaysia to visit her mother and I just didn’t feel like driving all the way up. Instead, as soon as the family was off in the coach, I drove to the ferry terminal and boarded the ferry to Batam with thoughts of a rejuvenating weekend ahead.

After checking in, I decided to get a foot massage. Visiting one of the popular massage parlours, I requested for a male masseuse but the only free person was a young girl. More concerned about relieving my tense muscles, I decided not to be picky and allowed them to send me whoever was free.

Jamu massage

When she stepped into the room, I knew I was in trouble. She was absolutely stunning. She couldn’t have been more than 18-years-old. Her delicate features and creamy skin made me want to just hold her tight and shield her from the horrors of the world. As she worked her way through my sore foot muscles, I asked her a bit about herself. With her head down, she nervously answered me.

She was 19-years-old and had come to Batam, from East Java, to earn a living. Her family consisted only of an older sister who was already married.

After the massage was over, I knew I just had to see her one more time. I asked her out for dinner but she hesitated. I assured her that it was just dinner and that I didn’t really want to dine alone.

Finally she agreed and I told her to meet me at one of the nearby restaurants around 7pm. I tipped her well and was off on my way. That evening as I got ready in my hotel room, I couldn’t help feeling like a schoolboy who was about to go on his first date. I splashed on some Old Spice and went downstairs to the gift shop to purchase a box of chocolates.

When I saw Wati, the second time that day, I knew I had lost my heart. She seemed too beautiful to be real. I kept pinching myself to see if this was all a dream. After a couple of rounds of drinks, Wati opened up more and we shared our past and present. I told her about my job and family. I didn’t want to keep anything from her.

However, I did see the disappointment in her eyes when I mentioned my wife and children. But after a while, we moved on to other things. After dinner, I brought Wati back to my room. I don’t know if it was the drinks or the Gods upstairs were having a bet, but whatever the reason, Wati and I did things that night that changed her life and mine to a certain extent.

hot sex positions

After smuggling visits to see Wati over 4 months, I decided to buy her a house in Batam. After a few months, Wati bore me a beautiful baby girl with the same creamy, soft skin. I was ecstatic and delirious with joy. I had always wanted a baby girl!

Now my little princess is a bubbly 5 years-old who greets her daddy with kisses and big hugs. Wati is also currently pregnant with our second child and I’ve just bought her a bigger place to move into.

I see Wati and my daughter on the weekends, fortnightly. My wife doesn’t really pry into my ‘golf’ sessions so everything is flowing smoothly. I have a good relationship with my sons and nobody is being neglected in my choice of life. I send Wati money regularly so that she doesn’t have to work.

I have dreams to live out my old age with Wati but I don’t think I can ever tell my wife about this secret life.

** Names have been changed to protect the identity of the writer.

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