Singapore Boy With Cancer Needs Help For Treatment

Singapore Boy With Cancer Needs Help For Treatment

This little Singapore boy with cancer needs help for treatment...He has recently been diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma cancer...

We just read about this little Singapore boy with cancer, and it broke our hearts. Do try to help in whatever way you can.

Little Jayden is only 2 years old, but has recently been diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma cancer. His treatment is going to be really difficult for the family to afford…

Little Singapore boy with cancer

According to Give.Asia, about a month ago, Jayden had recurring fever and limping. After a series of tests, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. Doctors also discovered a tumour at his adrenal gland, that needs to be removed.

It has been a sad turn of events for this playful little boy who had just recently enrolled in pre-school. Jayden apparently loves school, and looks forward to it every day.

singapore boy with cancer


The family is heartbroken, but the immediate need is to start chemotherapy for Jayden. The treatment will be complicated and expensive, and will involve months of hospital admissions and visits.

It seems, treatment for chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell megatherapy and radiation therapy will cost around SGD 400,000. Follow-up immunotherapy which has to be carried out in the United States due to expertise, experience and availability of drugs will increase the total cost to about SGD 1,200,000.

singapore boy with cancer


Do note that this huge amount is for the entire course of the treatment, which will take approximately 12-18 months.

According to Give.Asia, the family needs to raise this fund by 30 June 2018. They have appealed to the public for help and support, and a Give.Asia page has been set up. Please click here to donate to little Jayden’s treatment.

We really hope that Jayden recovers soon…

Neuroblastoma cancer in children

Neuroblastoma is a rare childhood cancer of the “sympathetic nervous system” – the network of nerves that carries messages from your brain to the rest of your body.

The cancer most often begins around the adrenal glands. It is mostly seen in children below the age of 5.

Signs and Symptoms

The child may have:

  • A swollen stomach, abdominal pain, and decreased appetite (if the tumour is in the abdomen)
  • Bone pain or soreness, black eyes, bruises, and pale skin (if the cancer has spread to the bones or bone marrow)
  • Weakness, numbness, inability to move a body part, or difficulty walking (if the cancer presses on the spinal cord)
  • Drooping eyelid, unequal pupils, sweating, and red skin, which are signs of nerve damage in the neck, known as Horner’s syndrome (if the tumour is in the neck)
  • Difficulty breathing (if the cancer is in the chest)
  • Fever and irritability

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(Source: Give.Asia, KidsHealth)

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