Singapore girl with leukaemia pleads with her mum, "Why not kill me and give birth to me again?"

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The mum of a Singapore girl with leukaemia has made a heartfelt plea for help, "We need help!!! I can’t lose her! "

Update: Little Zelle has moved on to a better place. theAsianparent extends our deepest condolences to her parents and loved ones.

The mum of a Singapore girl with leukaemia has made a heartfelt plea for help.

The little girl, 9, has just had a relapse, and her distraught mummy says, “We need help!!! I can’t lose her! We came so far and have been through so much. Please help her.”

Mums and dads, do read the heart-breaking story of this child. Let’s all help in whatever way we can.

Singapore girl with leukaemia

In Feb 2016, mummy of Zelle (Jia Er) noticed a small reddish bump on her head. Initial tests revealed that nothing was wrong.

However, the bump kept growing, which even caused her hair to fall. The parents insisted on a surgery to remove it. 2 days before the surgery though, in March, the bump broke. To their horror worm-like creatures wriggled out of it, leaving the poor girl in excruciating pain.

More shocking news was to follow.

Zelle’s mummy shares on Give.Asia, “On 1st April, the doctor gathered our family and shared the bad news to us that Jie Er was suffering from leukemia and she would need to go through chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant.”

“The doctor also informed us that our daughter would need to stop her school and undergo all the surgery and procedures.”

The news left the parents heartbroken, and Zelle’s mum even suffered an emotional breakdown.

When little Zelle got to know of her condition, she asked, “Mummy, why out of so many people in this world, it had to be me to suffer all this pain?”

But seeing her mum’s tears, she put on a brave front, “Mummy, don’t cry, I will be strong and fight this battle for you.”

Fight she did, and her bone marrow transplant was successful.

Only, Fate had something else in store.

Singapore girl with leukaemia suffers relapse

Singapore girl with leukaemia


In a heart-breaking update recently, Zelle’s mum revealed some bad news. Zelle had had a relapse in January 2018. She is currently warded in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at NUH. 

The family had been optimistic and gearing up for a happy 2018. Little  Zelle was all set for school, and had even bought her school books and school bag! Mummy was going to get back to work too…

That’s when cancer struck like a demon…

Sadly, Zelle’s condition is deteriorating, and she suffers from several health issues like:

  • “Respiratory issues due to lung infection
  • High blood pressure
  • Fast heartbeat rating
  • Swelling of kidney and splint
  • Lungs fungal infection, blood clot blocking left lungs
  • Bacterial infections – Blood bacteria infection PICC line infection
  • Veins mostly dead veins
  • Rashes in the whole body due to stress”

Due to the fungal infection in her lungs, chemotherapy is considered complicated.

“She coughs blood and has a blood clot in her left lungs blocking her airways, causing her breathing difficulties.”

“Why not kill me and give birth to me again?”

The poor little child is suffering, and her mummy reveals she asked, “Why not kill me and give birth to me again?”

“Mummy, you’re the best mom in the world and I don’t want any (other)Mother and I love you.”

But yet again, she has promised to fight, “Mummy, I’ll fight for you. I’ll fight this sickness for you!”

Currently, the family faces financial difficulties, so a Give.Asia page has been set up. 

These words of Zelle’s mum are heart-breaking, “Her situation is not optimistic and fatal. I can’t lose her and am looking for all alternatives, hopes and miracles.”

“We need help!!! I can’t lose her! We came so far and have been through so much. Please help her.”

We hope and pray that little Zelle gets cured soon. Let’s all try our best to save her.

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(Source: Give.Asia)

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