10 Simple Ways To Put A Smile On Your Wife's Face Happy Every Day

10 Simple Ways To Put A Smile On Your Wife's Face Happy Every Day

Husbands are tasked with the duty of putting a smile on their wives' face. But can you say that you do so every day? Keep it simple and check out our list!

“Happy wife, happy life.” Simple as that, husbands. Sometimes living by that mentality can be easier said than done and often husbands fail to live up to the challenge of making their wife happy. Especially, on a daily basis!

What if I told you that the key to a happy wife isn’t as hard as you think? In fact, you can keep your wife happy as possible by doing a number of small gestures each day.

Check out this list of sweet and simple ways you can make your wife happy each and every day. Truly live up to the saying, “happy wife, happy life.”

1. Say, “I love you”, more often

Okay, guys, telling your wife you love her is pretty simple—cliché even—but are you saying it enough? Sometimes men struggle to communicate and express their love verbally. Your wife more than likely knows you love her, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to reaffirm that you care! C’mon, guys. It’s just three simple words; and trust me, they go a long way!


2. Butter her up

Everyone likes a genuine compliment every now and then and your wife is definitely no different. Whenever you get a chance, send her some encouraging words and make her feel good about something in her life. If, for example, she’s been performing particularly well at the office, let her know you think she’s doing a great job. Furthermore, you can go the extra step and compliment on how good of a wife she is. Let her know how valuable she is to your success, and how much you appreciate her and she’ll gladly reciprocate the sentiment.

Put a smile on your wife's face each and every day with these helpful tips! Click next for more!

3. Respect her privacy

Everyone enjoys the presence of good company. Then again, everyone can find value in having a little “me time”. Respect your wife’s privacy and independence by giving her some space every now and then. This means taking the kids out by getting out of the house, or even setting up an appointment at the spa—something that gives her a chance to recharge!


4. Stay well kept, healthy, and groomed

Wives love it when you look your best. It’ll take some effort, but dressing in your nicest attire, and staying well-kept are great habits to have. You can go the extra mile and try your best to get in shape! It’ll add years to your life expectancy and have you looking more handsome than ever. Not to mention it’ll show signs of dedication to your wife. Sounds like a win-win-win.

10 Simple Ways To Put A Smile On Your Wife's Face Happy Every Day

5. Don’t EVER let her be “hangry”

Hangry may not be a word you’ll find in the dictionary, but it’s an important word to have in your vocabulary. In case you didn’t know, it’s a confluence of “hungry” and “angry”. People aren’t typically the most pleasant when they’re hungry…which typically leads to anger. Don’t let your wife suffer from “hanger”. Heed these words, husbands!


6. Always be faithful

Do what ever you can to show your wife that she’s the love of your life. Exemplify your faithfulness as often as you can. In order to do this, you need to make sure she never feels as though she’s not doing enough. Don’t let her feel inadequate, guys. Make her feel as though she’s the perfect person for you; your one and only.

Put a smile on your wife's face each and every day with these helpful tips! Click next for more!

7. Understand what she really likes and values

Do you know your wife’s favourite food? Type of movies, books, TV shows? Flowers? If you quickly named the answers to those questions in your head, you’re in good shape because one of the keys to making your wife happy everyday comes from truly understanding her likes. Cater to them. Not only that, but play to her passions. Indulge her interests and passions whenever you can and let her know you don’t just love her…you understand her.


8. Keep her on your mind

This is less of something you can do for your wife, and more of something you can do as a husband. Let your mind be filled with all of the pleasant, loving thoughts of your wife as much as you can. When you’re in the car, at the office, gym, out with friends—whenever and wherever—keep your wife in your mind.

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9. Be the provider she needs

Your wife is a strong and independent woman, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean you can’t provide for her and help shoulder the burden of raising a kid. Not just financially either. A good husband with a happy wife provides for his wife emotionally as well. Also, you should use your wife as motivation to do your job (at the office and as a father) to the best of your ability. Let her provide the flame under your feet to keep you on your “A” game in everything you do.


10. Make her a priority

Put the phone down. Turn off the TV. Spend more time with her. Do whatever it takes to make her feel as though she’s at the top of your list of priorities. She deserves the attention and you owe her your focus.

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