Real women give tips on how to make your wife happy

Real women give tips on how to make your wife happy

Need help making your wife happy? The ParentTown community has got you covered

Marriage takes work, but sometimes, though we put a lot of effort into our relationships, they don’t seem to be enough. One theAsianparent Community user, seemingly confounded by the intricacies of keeping his spouse happy (like many other husbands), asked the community for tips:


1. Understand your partner

“Every person is different,” responded Anay B. “A turn-on for one might be a turn-off for other. Understand, observe, and document what you do that makes her happy.”

2. Communicate with her

“I think most important is communication,” Daphne K. wrote. “Men tend to keep to themselves while women like to speculate. Talk and find out what she thinks and feels and iron out the difference. Men and women don’t think alike, so when you talk, you don’t have to guess what she wants.”

how to make your wife happy

3. Be an involved father

Z Oishii S. recommended being more proactive in the household. “Initiative is a plus point,”  she wrote. “Give her time to relax and away from baby too.”

4. Listen to her

“Ask about her day, how it went, and if she met interesting people,” Jhoanna D.P. advised. “It’s a small gesture but it can really mean al ot to her. This shows how you care for her and are really interested about her thoughts and experiences.”

5. Woo her

“I always make time for a date night with my wife, ideally once a week or at least twice a month,” RJ J. said. “My wife loves to watch movies, so I let her choose the movie, which always makes her satisfied and happy.”

6. Appreciate her

“Introduce her with some compliments,” Ernelly K. advised. “Ask her how you can help. Bring her to watch movie or dinner. Show her that you appreciate and grateful for everything she do.”

how to make your wife happy

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7. Love her

“People say women are complicated but the only thing she probably just wants is you and your love,” wrote Samantha J. “Just love her and she’ll be happy.”


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