7 Simple But Effective Ways To Make Your Wife Laugh More Often

7 Simple But Effective Ways To Make Your Wife Laugh More Often

Happy wife, happy life, right? Keep your wife happy by making her laugh!

Dads, you’ve heard it all before: happy wife, happy life. It’s an age-old adage generally accepted by husbands around the world. You might think it means doing whatever your wife says, like house chores or helping out more with the children

But this also means tickling her funny bone and leaving her laughing her face off.

Guys, the main reason your wife married you is because (believe it or not!) she loves you for who you are. She has a great time around you, especially when you make her feel special.

Research says that people have higher satisfaction in relationships with good humour. In fact, laughing makes you feel happier in general!

A little laughter goes a long way to keeping your marriage healthy and both of you in love.

Here are seven ways to make your wife laugh more often.

7 natural ways to make your wife laugh

1. Be yourself

The most important rule in being a confident, relateable comedian is the same as any other social interaction rule: be yourself.

People find things funnier when you’re comfortable in your own skin. If you’re trying too hard to evoke a response, the joke may seem forced and not very funny.

Remember dads, your wife absolutely adores you for who you are.

So just cool down and be yourself.

2. Understand her sense of humour

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Everyone has a different sense of humour. While you can be yourself, make sure your jokes suit your wife’s tastes.

Ladies generally don’t find vulgar or crass jokes funny.

The next time you watch a movie together, take note of what she laughs at. It’ll give you a better idea of what she finds hilarious.

You’ll have a better chance of getting a giggle from her in the future when you know what tickles her fancy.

3. Keep it positive and fun!

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When you have a knack for what makes your beloved laugh, feel free to be as goofy as you want!

Positive jokes that don’t belittle or target other people are well-received. 

Be brave to do things outside of your comfort zone.

Maybe throw on an upbeat song and dance to it. Take zany selfies outside of your favourite cafe.

Just remember to keep it lighthearted!

4. Laugh at yourself

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Don’t be scared to laugh at yourself. 

It’s easy to get offended if your wife laughs when you make a mistake. But she isn’t laughing at you, just at the situation. Instead, join in with her and appreciate the moment!

If you stumble over your words or accidentally trip, then feel free to make a joke out of it! 

5. Make use of anecdotes and real-life stories

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Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. A real-life story is funnier than a fabricated tale. 

If something funny happened to you, a friend, or family member and it’s worth sharing, you should use it to your advantage!

Make sure the story pertains to her sense of humour, have a crack at yourself when telling the story, and keep a fun-loving state of mind when regaling your wife with your witty anecdote.

6. Create inside jokes

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You know when you’re around a group of people and they reference something obscure, and you have literally no idea what the heck they’re talking about?

That’s called an inside joke and it’s a great way to strengthen a bond.

Find ways to make inside jokes, if you haven’t already established any, with your wife.

7. Tell a good, old-fashioned joke

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With all of the above in mind, it’s time to put it all into practice!

Use what’s available! Instead of starting from scratch, search online for knock-knock jokes, or a tasteful one-liner!

Try to do practical jokes as well! It helps you maintain physical intimacy which goes a long way towards keeping the love alive!


Fellas, you do a lot for your wives. But remember to keep things light and breezy! Keeping your wife happy also means putting a smile on her face. Leave her in stitches by telling tasteful jokes!

Work your magic and make your wife laugh like never before!


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