8 delightful savoury snack recipes for Deepavali

8 delightful savoury snack recipes for Deepavali

Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. During this festival, enjoy these snacks, which you can whip up for your friends and family.

Deepavali is the biggest and brightest of all Hindu festivals. Known as the 'Festival of Lights', it is marked by four days of celebration.

Festivals around the world are almost always associated with special foods and Deepavali is no different.

So, to help you celebrate this wonderful festival of lights — whether you are Indian or not — we bring you the recipes for 8 tasty Savoury snack recipes for Deepavali that you can easily whip up to share with your family and friends.

Savoury snack recipes for Deepavali

If you are wondering where to get the ingredients for these yummy snacks, head straight to Mustafa Centre in Little India. Oh, and don't forget to pick up some sparklers while you're there too!

Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla is a North Indian savoury treat that some people like to serve during Deepavali. The use of yoghurt in the recipe makes this dish very refreshing and perfect for our hot weather.

This dish is usually served with a sweet and green chutney. It is even tastier when served chilled.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to make Dahi Bhalla.

Image and recipe from www.indiankhana.net

Butter Murukku

Deepavali wouldn't be complete without Murukku — a crispy, crunchy savoury treat.

The tasty spirals are surprisingly simple to make. With very few ingredients and preparation, and a cooking time under 30 minutes and 15 minutes respectively, you can now whip up a batch of Murukku whenever you please! Here’s the full recipe.

TIP — If you haven’t used asafoetida before, it’s best to use just a pinch as the smell and taste can be quite overpowering if you are not used to it.

Image and recipe from www.jeyashriskitchen.com

Poha Chivda

This tasty snack is very popular in the Maharasthra and Karnataka areas of India. And guess what? It’s also very healthy!

Since it has a shelf life of up to 1 month when placed in an airtight container, it’s also a snack you can prepare in large quantities and store for when you’re feeling a bit peckish.

Click here for the full recipe.

TIP — While including fennel seeds adds a pop of flavour and freshness to this dish, it’s fine to omit them if you don’t like the taste.

Image and recipe from www.chefandherkitchen.com

Ribbon Pakoda

These crispy, ribbon-like treats are super easy to whip up, with a cooking time of under 15 minutes! A must-have savoury snack for Deepavali… Here’s the recipeespecially for you.

TIP — If you like, you can replace the pepper powder with 3/4 tsp chilli powder and 1/8 tsp turmeric.

Image and recipe from rakskitchen.net

Spicy Puffed Sago

This savoury snack is as delightful to eat as it is to look at! If you can’t find puffed sago, you can easily make it at home with the regular white sago that we commonly find in shops.

In an airtight jar, it stays good for up to 1 month, so this is another treat you can make well in advance. It also has an amazing texture because of the puffed sago, dry coconut pieces and nuts.

Dying to read the full recipe? Just click here!


— For extra texture and flavour, add cashew nuts while frying the dried coconut pieces.

Image and recipe from www.chefandherkitchen.com

Spring Onion Pakoda

Pakodas are fried treats that are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. While there are several variations of pakodas, this one uses spring onion and ginger, among other delicious ingredients.

Make sure you enjoy these piping hot, with a big mug of hot chai!

Here's the recipe for Spring Onion Pakoda.

Image and recipe from www.indiankhana.net

Ulundu Vadai

You have to taste a piping hot Ulundu Vadai just to understand how awesomely tasty it is! It’s one of my personal favourites and I’m glad to have found the recipe to share with you.

This treat is best eaten fresh and hot — here’s the recipe for you to get started!

TIP — Do not soak urad dal for more than 2 hours. If the batter becomes too watery, just add a tablespoon of rice flour to bring it back to the correct consistency.

Image and recipe from www.jeyashriskitchen.com

Uppu Seedai (Cheedai)

These slightly salty, little golden spheres of delight are quite delicious, and include ingredients such as white sesame, coconut and butter — how can you go wrong with such a delightful combination?!

These Savoury snack recipes for Deepavali will yield around 60-80 of these scrumptious morsels… but we’re warning you — they are highly addictive! Click here for the full recipe.

TIPS — Make sure you sift the rice and Urad flours well, as this will help prevent the Uppu Seedai from bursting when you fry them.

— Also, try not to roll the balls too tightly — this, too, will help stop them from cracking during the frying process.

— These goodies can be stored in an air-tight container for a few days, so this is another recipe you can try in advance.

Image and recipe from www.chefinyou.com

Want to share your own savoury snack recipes for Deepavali with us? Please do so by leaving a comment below...


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