Saving the world with Veganburg

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Local fast food chain Veganburg was set up with the intention of delivering healthy and delicious fast food meals. Yes, the idea of healthy fast food certainly sounds ridiculous so we decided to check the place out.

Saving the world with VeganburgMost Singaporeans are faced with a hectic lifestyle and the fast pace of life makes it so tempting to just pop by the nearest fast food outlet to satisfy our hunger pangs. Unfortunately, there is always the accompanying guilt which comes together with a trip to the fast food restaurant. However a new fast food chain, ‘Veganburg’ looks set to put an end to this common dilemma which many Singaporeans face on a daily basis. Set up by 2 Singaporeans with the noble intention of ‘saving the world, one burger at a time’, the fast food chain serves healthy fast food products made entirely from plant-based ingredients. We were fortunate enough to be invited to one of their outlets located at Turf City and here is my review of the restaurant.


Nestled in a quiet corner at Turf City, the fast food outlet certainly lived up to its promise of attempting to make the world a greener place. All the furniture ranging from the tables to the chairs were all completely made from recycled products. The service staffs were all warm and friendly and the restaurant elicited a cheerful and cosy vibe. While the restaurant did succeed in delivering a favourable first impression, the most important thing for a restaurant is to serve delicious food and Veganburg certainly accomplished that.

Sugarless thirst-quencher

We were first served some ice lemon tea which did a great job of quenching our thirst. True to their motto of serving only healthy food, the ice lemon tea did not have any added sugar but was thankfully not painfully bland like many other sugarless beverages.

Amazing appetisers

Saving the world with Veganburg

Vegan franks

Next up on the menu were the appetisers, namely the potato spinach pops and the vegan franks. It was hard to believe I was not eating authentic sausages as the tofu sausages tasted exactly like real sausages! Although I was told that the sausages were in fact made of non-GMO soy meat, my taste buds refused to believe it. The potato spinach pops were even more delicious. Covered in a crispy golden outer covering, the potato spinach pops were a delectable treat. It was so excruciatingly hard for me not to ask for a second serving and this delicious snack is definitely highly recommended for anyone who decides to pay Veganburg a visit.

Saving the world with Veganburg

Spinach Pops

Main highlight: Mandarin fortune

Saving the world with VeganburgAfter we were done with the appetisers, we were finally greeted with the main highlight of the meal, the mandarin fortune. The name itself is a very obvious indicator that this burger was created with the Chinese New Year festivities in mind. Together with some fries on the side, the burger was served in a silver tin reminiscent of the ones Army boys use during field camps. The Mandarin Fortune was made from ciabatta bread, non-GMO soy and gluten-free soy patty , fresh mandarin oranges, fresh herbs, tomato and sweet and tangy orange sauce. The healthy ingredients used was probably the reason why it was arguably the first time I did not feel a tinge of guilt as I bit into the Mandarin Fortune. Once again, my taste buds were very cleverly fooled as again, the gluten-free soy patty used tasted exactly like meat! The ciabatta bread was soft and easy to bite while the rest of the ingredients blended together perfectly to give my tastebuds a real treat every time I bit into the burger. Definitely a great addition to the Veganburg menu, the delicious Mandarin Fortune delivers a guilt free but awesome tasting experience.

Guilt free dessert

Last but not least, we were served some vegan brownies for dessert. The brownies definitely provided a fitting climax to an awesome meal. Looking and tasting exactly like any regular brownie, the brownie had a smooth texture and its taste will likely satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

New fast food revolution coming up?

Just from that one meal alone, it is easy to see why Veganburg has already sprouted 4 branches with a fifth one coming up soon at Orchard. Veganburg manages to successfully balance the arduous task of combining a guilt-free vegan diet together with the delicious taste associated with successful fast-food restaurant. This successful combination is reason enough for it to break into the mainstream market as it will appeal to the meat eaters as well since they won’t even be able to tell that they are eating soy meat rather than real meat. An ideal family destination, Veganburg is a great way to get your kids to start eating their greens without them even realising it. The restaurant is also very family friendly as it even contains a play area for kids to enjoy themselves in. If you want delicious and guilt free fast food, then Veganburg is the place to be. The main players of the fast food industry had better watch out because Veganburg looks set to start a fast food revolution which could very well change the whole fast food scene in Singapore.

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Sean Foo