Restore balance and health with yoga

Restore balance and health with yoga

Find a yoga class that fits your needs and goals at Pure Yoga.

Being a parent, especially a new one, is not easy.

You’ll find yourself juggling a number of things all at once – scrambling to finish household chores, getting used to that adorable new addition in your life, trying to clock in a decent time of sleep and then still attempting to live an uncompromised lifestyle. It’s tough, we know.

New moms are mostly so occupied and exhausted that their own wellbeing will take a back seat. But while it can be overwhelming, one important factor in all of this is to find time for you – it is the simple ‘being’ that the soul craves and needs, and the more one is able to do so, the more balanced one will feel. So consider activities that will allow you to maximise your time, such as yoga, can bring you physical and emotional benefits.

“Taking care of a child can take a toll on a parent’s body and mind; accumulated fatigue can set in very quickly and the parent might feel that he or she cannot cope with so much that is happening at the same time,” shares Copper Crow, Managing Teach at Pure Yoga, Singapore.


“Practicing yoga can actually help a person to manage the stresses in parenthood, and life in general. Regular yoga practice can help develop focus and concentration, and relieve stress while getting a moderate amount of exercise at the same time.”

Physically, yoga will help rebuild overall and core strength, with exercises that can especially tone the back and pelvic muscles. Certain moves can also help you de-stress through releasing tension in your shoulders and chest.

On the emotional side of things, yoga practice is one way of giving yourself the much needed ‘me-time’ to refocus yourself and relax. Oh, and it is a stress buster too.

If you have not tried yoga before, here are some recommended classes you could start with. With the diverse yoga classes available at Pure Yoga, it will be easy to find a class that is perfect fit for your needs.

I want to relax and de-stress

  • Yoga Therapy – Yoga Therapy addresses your health on all levels using simple physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and short meditation. It is especially good for you if you’re suffering from neck, shoulder and lower back pains, fatigue, or even common ailments like anxiety, mild depression, stress and insomnia.
  • Outdoor yoga – We all need a little ‘air’ to sometimes, and taking your yoga practice outdoors can be a great and refreshing option. Do it in your garden, the neighbourhood park, or even your balcony. Being outside will add a different dimension to your practice, as you reconnect with yourself and nature. Or you could make it into a social experience and join Pure Yoga’s Earth Yoga, a monthly event at the Botanic Gardens. Earth Yoga will involve a mixed-level asana practice, followed by pranayama breathing exercises, meditation and chanting where breath connects with movement.

I want to get back into shape, and maintain my fitness levels

  • Hot Hatha – Hot Hatha is a standard Hatha class taught in a heated room, which makes for excellent conditioning for the body, breathing and mind.
  • Core – this class is designed to wake up and bring life to the core! Abdominal postures and breathing techniques are incorporated into the class to strengthen the connection between the upper and lower body. This is ideal for intermediate to advanced students who want to delve deeper into a healing yoga practice.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call us at (65) 6733 8863 (Ngee Ann City) or (65) 6304 0028 (Chevron House). Visit our website for more information.

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Felicia Chin

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