Wrinkle away with face yoga

Wrinkle away with face yoga

What if we told you that there is a new beauty trend in town that can take years off your face without botox or surgery? Would you try it? Take a look at face yoga and how simple it is to firm up facial muscles!

Surely you are all too familiar with the warrior pose, the downward-facing dog or perhaps even the child pose. Set that aside and welcome a whole new set of poses that does not require a mat or a quiet space. You can do these poses on the go or when you have some extra time while waiting in line. However, you may get a few curious or concerned looks from people who are passing by.

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Strike a face yoga pose

Say goodbye to Botox– relax those fine lines and pick up the latest in anti-ageing treatment. Face yoga is the best thing yet. Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to practice face yoga in maintaining their youthful appearance.

Face yoga poses like The Lion Face, Smiling Fish, puffer fish and Prom Queen might bring a smile to your face. But after practicing these silly looking poses, you will be smiling all the way home with a more youthful appearance.

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The theory behind face yoga

Apparently you can tone up your facial muscles using specific movements. Surprisingly, according to a Daily Mail report, face yoga actually induces collagen production that helps give skin elasticity resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Annelise Hagen a yoga instructor in New York says that face yoga, “uses the same principles of exercise you would use for any other parts of your body.”

If you are looking at decreasing forehead wrinkles, adding some colour to your face and smoothing out the lines on your neck then please watch the videos below. Though we would recommend that you don’t do it out in the open as you will get strange stares from observers. You’ll understand why when you start watching the video tutorials.

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Let’s practice face yoga

Watch these videos for some of the face yoga poses from the author of The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift, Annelise Hagen. These step-by-step tutorials are better than pictures or word instructions.

Tone and lift cheeks (Puffer fish, bugs bunny, Prom Queen, Smiling Fish face)

Reduce forehead wrinkles

Neck exercises

Will you adopt face yoga if it will make your facial muscles and resilient and springy? 

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