Kids' crafts with common household items

Kids' crafts with common household items

Hana Loh shows you how you can teach your children to be eco-friendly and at the same time, transform ordinary egg cartons, fallen leafs, tissue boxes, and old newspapers into beautiful crafts.

Kids' crafts with common household items
Making crafts with common household items and “trash” is a great way to introduce young children to the idea of reducing, recycling and reusing. They definitely will appreciate how these objects can be “transformed” into toys, gifts or works of art. Using such materials also trains children to observe their properties and use them effectively in their work.  Not to mention giving them a great sense of pride at their creations.

Hana shows you how she transforms ordinary trash into beautiful crafts.  She advices to always try to use common household items in your crafts because they are “free” (if you intend to discard them) and they allow children to exercise their creativity. In general, you should not have to buy any of the materials for these crafts. Always use whatever alternatives that you do have in or around the house.

Here are some of the crafts you can create:

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Hana Loh

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