Craft activities for your kids

Craft activities for your kids

Crafts are excellent ways of keeping little hands busy and out of trouble during rainy days or school holidays. They also provide a channel for parents to communicate and bond with their little ones. Hana Loh shares some simple and clever craft ideas you can replicate with your little one.

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Craft for kids

Whether its a long weekend, a short holiday break, a rainy day or just a time when you want to bond with your child, doing art and crafts with your kids can be very rewarding and enjoyable. If you are looking for ways to keep little hands busy and out of trouble, here are some great craft ideas that are simple and easy to replicate.

1. Bee for Bookmark

2. Beautiful Butterfly

3. Hand Painting – Goldfish in a bowl

4. Hand Painting – A Leaping Frog in a Pond

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Sandra Ong

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