Former Cantopop Singer And Singapore Entrepreneur Race Wong Is Pregnant With Baby No.2

Former Cantopop Singer And Singapore Entrepreneur Race Wong Is Pregnant With Baby No.2

In an exclusive interview with theAsianparent, the former 2R singer and Singaporean actress reveals her second pregnancy experience and what she plans to do this time around.

Former Cantopop singer, actress and the co-founder of Singapore real estate company Ohmyhome, Race Wong is pregnant.

The 38-year-old entrepreneur and mum-of-one told theAsianparent in an exclusive interview that she and her husband are expecting baby number 2.

“I’m so glad the first trimester is over,” Race said, revealing that she is already 14 weeks into her pregnancy. She shares that in the first couple of month, she was experiencing some difficulty breathing when she talks a lot and that she will “pant and start feeling nauseous.”

Singapore Actress and 2R’s Race Wong Is Pregnant

Though the pandemic has brought a lot of opportunities to be “very productive in the work and family front,” Race said she and her husband have always been trying to have another child. Her firstborn, Cara, is now three years old.

race wong pregnant

Race’s firstborn Cara was born in 2017. | Image source: Race Wong

“We’ve always been wanting to have another child, a younger sibling to our daughter Cara, so that they can kind of grow together, which I think is cute,” shares Race.

“I can’t think of a better time to be pregnant because travelling is not going to happen for the [rest of the] year, and my baby is due in the first quarter of next year, so it is perfect!”

“Been There, Done That”

Race also shared how she is preparing for the arrival of her second child.

“I think because this is my second child… I just want to take it easy cause it’s kind of like ‘been there, done that.’ And I just want to take a break before I give birth.”

According to Race, while she expects that the breastfeeding part of the postpartum period might be challenging based on her experience in her previous pregnancy, the most challenging part of her current pregnancy so far is losing appetite for the food she used to love eating.

“Now, I don’t even know what I want to eat. All the nice things I like eating previously such as soups, vegetables and fruits, I don’t like eating them anymore,” Race said.

“So, sometimes I go to bed feeling hungry because I don’t want to look for food at like 11 pm,” she added.

Like The First Time

It was around the time when she launched Ohmyhome alongside her sister Rhonda in 2016 when she gave birth to her first child.

Race wong pregnant

Race Wong was pregnant with her firstborn when she launched her company Ohmyhome alongside her sister, co-founder Rhonda. | Image source: Ohmyhome

According to the working mum, there was no time to take a break then because her team was small and the business was growing fast. But now that their company has grown, Race said she is now able to do things she was not able to do during her previous pregnancy.

“I document my pregnancy a little bit more than the first one,” Race said.

“[During] the first one, I didn’t write a single note, this time I did! Every single time, after visiting the doctor, I’d keep all the scans and then I’d write a note about it,” Race shared.

But while Race already knows the gender of her baby, she said she’d like to do a gender reveal for her family, friends and staff. For now, she said she’s just very happy for the fact that she can share this great news with everyone!



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