What To Do At A Gender Reveal Party: The Right And The Wrong

What To Do At A Gender Reveal Party: The Right And The Wrong

Here are some ideas to get you started!

If you’re expecting a child, then you might have heard of gender reveal parties from other expecting parents. It’s an increasing trend among all parents – from civilians to celebrities. But do you know what to do at a gender reveal party and how to host one? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Exactly what is a gender reveal party?

As the name suggests, a gender reveal party is an event where expecting parents celebrate the gender of their baby and announce it to others. It’s usually done in the company of friends or family, after the parents discover their baby’s gender.

what to do at a gender reveal party

Do you know what your baby’s gender is? Once you do, it’s time to think about what to do at a gender reveal party which you’re about to host!

What to do at a gender reveal party: 9 gender reveal party ideas

So you’re expecting a baby and now know the gender. You want to celebrate this exciting news with a gender reveal party with your loved ones. But the question is: “What to do at gender reveal party?”

First off, there is no one “right” away to host a gender reveal party. Different people celebrate their gender reveal party differently. For instance, some parents-to-be invite family and friends for a meet-up, providing food, activities and a lot of decoration. Others might not like it so flamboyant and opt for a more casual meet-up before disclosing their baby’s gender. 

Whatever you choose, the key to making a fun and unforgettable gender reveal party lies in the details.

Here are a few good places to start on what to do at a gender reveal party — in general activities, and for the actual reveal.

Whichever method you choose to show your baby’s gender, remember, though: blue means a boy, whereas pink means a girl.

General Activities

Let your guests guess your baby’s gender 

Just as the party’s about to start, announce to your guests to guess what your baby’s sex is. There are many ways to do this: collecting ballots, tying coloured wrist bands, or other creative ways. After you reveal the baby’s sex, announce who got it right and who got it wrong.

Provide some food, cake and beverages

Give some time for guests to have some food or drinks. You can lay out a tray of baby-shaped cookies, mocktails or small bites, which lets people relax and reconnect.

The Big Gender Reveal

Once people have had their fun, conclude the event with the big reveal! Just be sure that it’s memorable! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

What to do at a gender reveal party

What to do at a gender reveal party: try hiding your baby’s gender colour in a cup cake. | Image Source: Stock Photo

What to do at a gender reveal party: The main event

Use cupcakes

Bake some cupcakes but fill them with the colour corresponding to your baby’s gender. Be sure nothing oozes out or there any holes.

A good suggestion is to use chocolate cupcakes so that the filling is well hidden. Once the cakes are ready, let parents-to-be bite through them for the big reveal.

Stuff a box with coloured confetti

Before the party, prepare a box with confetti that matches the colour of your baby’s sex. Then, place it high up, and use a piece of string to split it open. Let the confetti rain onto the expecting parents.

Balloon Box

Confetti can be fun, but it also creates a big mess. If cleaning up is a hassle for you, why not put blue or pink balloons inside the box instead of confetti? Then watch the reveal gently float away as the parents-to-be unveil the contents of the box!

Use pop culture as a reference

Are you and your spouse big fans of Pokemon, Harry Potter, or other pop culture creations? Remember, you can also weave these references into the gender reveal.

For instance, color popping pokemon balls or sorting hats (with something blue or pink inside it) are a good way to start. Using pop culture is a memorable approach in customising a couple’s baby gender reveal.

Make some art

Prep a plain, white canvas and use a paint gun loaded with the matching paintball colour. Then, ask your family and friends to stand by your side as you shoot the canvas with your paint gun from a safe distance.

Not only do you receive cheers to celebrate your baby’s gender reveal, you’ll also get to keep a painting for times to come. Sweet!

Party Games!

Baby reveal parties usually come with some fun-filled party games! For instance, you could start with a gender reveal pinata filled with confetti, or some gender-reveal bingo. Here are some more ideas you could try!

What should you not do in a gender reveal party

Parents, we know this is a big celebration for you. But please don’t go too far or extreme with your creativity.

A string of recent incidents involving gender reveal parties has shown exactly what such a party should not look like. Please be sensible and avoid celebrating your baby’s gender by using dangerous things such as:

  • using smoke or fireworks. Recently, a US couple gathered family and friends for their gender reveal party. Their big reveal came in the form of shooting an explosive that releases blue or pink smoke. What they didn’t know was detonating the explosive also sent sparks into dry shrubs, making them catch fire. 
  • burning out car tires. One Australian couple recently revealed their baby’s gender by burning out their tires in a car and releasing pink smoke. However, in a matter of minutes the tire caught fire. 

One last tip…

Also, parents, even if your gender reveal party isn’t dangerous, consider choosing a more affordable option. You needn’t spend large amounts of money for the reveal or extravagant baby showers. After all, simple is best, and your little one will need the financial support with the times to come.

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Featured / lead image source: YouTube

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