5 long weekends in 2013 - How to plan now!

5 long weekends in 2013 - How to plan now!

Be smart and plan ahead! Your list of 2013 Public Holidays is here, so make the most of next year by starting now.

5 long weekends in 2013 - How to plan now!If you feel like your whole life has become work and nothing else, we have some excellent news for you! 2013 will give you the chance to spend a lot more time with your little ones.

On Monday morning, the Ministry of Manpower issued a list of public holidays for 2013 and this states five long weekends!

That gives you so much more time to travel, relax and indulge in some relaxing family time. So the best time to begin planning is NOW! We’ve taken a peek into the future and come up with a list of things you can do o over these holidays.

New Year: The 1st of January is a Tuesday, so if taking Monday off isn’t a problem, this would be a great time to head somewhere nice with the family. Your little ones will be on holiday and why not start the New Year somewhere special. Ideally we would suggest either going on a second honeymoon, but one with the kids! Go back to a place that is special for you. This could bring you luck and will make you feel good. Plus kids often form an emotional bond to countries they visit, so this is a great way to start a family tradition. Book cheap flights here. Remember early birds always get the best deals! Click here for tips of safe travelling with kids.

Chinese New Year: February 10th and 11th have been declared public holidays for CNY in 2013. Since 10th is a Sunday, you get Tuesday off too! This gives you another weekend to relax and cash in on some good ol’ family time. Ok, CNY is often more hectic than relaxing, and you’ll probably be cashing out than cashing in, so try something new this year! Give your partner an ang bao with a spa package voucher for the both of you. Your little ones will be pampered silly by their grandparents and will have their cousins to keep them occupied, so heading to the spa for some pampering yourself, should do you good.

Easter Weekend: It seems funny planning a whole year in advance for Easter when we just got done with this years celebrations, but since we’ve already started, we might as well go ahead and plan. If you stayed in Singapore this year, take your kids to Disneyland next year. Every child should spend at least a day in their favourite fantasy world, so a whole weekend is a treat. Can’t travel? Head to Universal Studios instead! They are launching four new mystery attractions this year.


Vesak Day: This festival falls on a Friday next year. Take some time out to do up your home. It will make you want to spend more time with your family, which is what we’re aiming to get you to do. The Great Singapore Sale should be on so shopping right now is a very good idea!

Hari Raya and National Day: You get as long a weekend as you do for CNY with this one! Travel, explore or just stay home and watch the parade. Do make sure you get out a little bit though as this is Singapore’s best season. Perhaps stay away from the city though. We all know how the town gets just before F1 fever creeps in. Explore Sentosa, Gardens by the Bay or USS. The Singapore Dollar is meant to rise, according to The Straits Times, so this could mean more spending power for you and less tourists which means less crowds.

Hari Raya Haji: Falling on a Tuesday in the month of October gives you yet another chance to take a day off, and head off to an island nearby. Phuket, Krabi, Tioman or Johor Bahru all make great places for some family fun. Plan your annual leave ahead so you can make use of as much free time as you can! Your colleagues are probably thinking the same so we would suggest beat them to it and have someone cover for you!

Labour Day and  Christmas fall on Wednesdays but you can always take a good mid-week break!

Deepavali is subject to change, so we would suggest giving it a while before you plan that one.

Have fun planning out your future, but remember not to float too far off, we are still in 2012 after all!

5 long weekends in 2013 - How to plan now!

5 long weekends in 2013 - How to plan now!

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