Easy-to-make Easter crafts for kids

Easy-to-make Easter crafts for kids

Are your kids getting egg-cited about Easter? We are! Just think about all the cute little crafts we can make with our little ones and the hours we can spend bonding as a family. We have compiled some simple step-by-step crafts for this Easter. Watch the video clips below...

Easy-to-make Easter crafts for kidsDecorative eggs

Check out this fun video with Heidi Klum blowing out eggs. It’s a fine technique not to ruin the egg before you paint it. The video goes on to show you how you dye and decorate eggs. It ‘s certainly an entertaining clip.

Easter basket

You’re going to need a basket to store all those colourful eggs you’ve painted. This is how you can make your own Easter basket.

Peeping Chick!

This is a silent tutorial but it is so simple that no words are needed. And the result? Totally adorable little chicks peeping out of a newly hatched egg. Make how ever many you want. You can get creative and draw on the hatched egg too.

Cupcakes galore

Well, this one is for mummies who absolutely love to bake. Get your kids to help you in the process. We have a few videos in this section, ranging from bird nests to bunny faces. If you’re into baking and making your goods look pretty—then this is for you.

Paper bunny costume

Make something your kid can wear! Remember to include your kid in the creation—don’t keep all the fun to yourself.

Easter candy necklace

If you have a little girl who adores necklaces and everything pretty, then this video is certainly up your alley.

Draw that bunny

This is perhaps the easiest of the lot—all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper.

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