7 Simple exercises that are safe for your pregnancy

7 Simple exercises that are safe for your pregnancy

There's nothing to be scared of in pregnancy exercise. Here are 7 simple, safe and effective ones that you can try.

Pregnant women who maintain a regular exercise routine throughout their pregnancy can improve their posture and also prevent some common discomforts like backaches and fatigue. Pregnancy exercise also prepares a “mom-to-be” for the actual birthing process.

By being active, they can strengthen their muscles and have a fit heart that can significantly ease the difficulty of labour and delivery. They can also manage pain better because they have control over their breathing. If you are an expecting mom, we’ve identified seven simple exercises that are safe for pregnant women just like you.

Walking as pregnancy exercise

Walking is the simplest and easiest exercise that a pregnant woman can do. This is especially good for those who have not exercised a day in their lives. A good way to start this is to have a quick stroll around the neighbourhood. Just remember to wear supportive sneakers as you can lose your sense of balance and coordination when your tummy gets bigger. Also, avoid rough and bumpy surfaces and only walk on smooth surfaces.


Yoga, in general, promotes strength and flexibility. And there is a yoga exercise especially designed for pregnant women, it’s the prenatal yoga. In a prenatal yoga class, expectant moms are taught some breathing techniques that they can use to stay calm and have more control during labour. If you want to try this, remember to look for a yoga instructor that is trained to teach poses that are safe for you. However, avoid Bikram yoga as this is done in a hot room and too much sweating is not good for pregnant moms. Avoiding stressful situations is likewise important for expecting moms, especially if the pregnancy is delicate.

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So, if you are planning to practice yoga at home, with proper supervision, then promoting a Zen-like environment in your workout area can help relieve your troubled mind and focus on the movements. Keep your space orderly and incorporate a fresh arrangement of cheap flowers for added natural soothing elements in the room.


Swimming is the best, safest and the most ideal exercise for pregnant women. In the water, they have zero chance of injuring themselves and their babies. They will feel weightless despite the extra pounds they’re carrying. Also, exercising in water gives expectant moms a better range of motion without putting pressure on their joints. If you’re trying this exercise, make sure that you check with your health care provider first.

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Pregnant women can find a lot of ways to enjoy their exercise routine by trying out low-impact dance workout classes. These classes are especially good for people who lead relatively sedentary lifestyles because they are a great way to boost the heart rate and get the endorphins flowing. If you’re trying this out, just remember to be cautious about doing routines that require you to leap, jump or twirl.

Indoor cycling

Though it’s fun to go biking outside, it’s safer for pregnant women to go indoor cycling for a much more controlled environment. This exercise is a good way to increase the heart rate without putting pressure on the ankle and knee joints. With indoor cycling, you can pedal the bike at your own pace without the risk of falling. For greater comfort, you can try raising the handlebars of a stationary bike as your belly gets bigger.

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Weight lifting as a safe pregnancy exercise

Weight lifting is generally safe for pregnant women especially if they use lower weights than usual and opt for 12 to 15 repetitions in a set. If you’re trying this out, just make sure that you limit doing the exercises which require you to hold still in a particular position because they could lead to injury.

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There is a Pilates routine that is pregnancy-appropriate because it focuses on strengthening the core and lengthening the muscles. This exercise is good for improving your posture especially when your belly gets bigger. It also makes your body flexible which is very helpful during labour.

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