Playing dress up in bed

Playing dress up in bed

Halloween is just around the corner, so why don’t you embrace the celebration by playing dress up in the bedroom. It could just ignite some passion back into the marriage.

Playing dress up in bedWhy not spice up things between the sheets this Halloween weekend? And in honour of dressing up and playacting that has become a tradition of Halloween, we share some tips on how to play dress up in bed.

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Get rid of inhibitions
It is natural to feel shy or have hang ups about our body but you should also feel confident that your spouse, who has seen you and loves you, loves you exactly the way you are. So live a little and do what you have to make you feel more beautiful. Get some nice new lingerie, or go for a pampering scrub and facial or even get that pretty black dress you were eyeing for over a month. Do something that will make you feel more sure of yourself because when you feel confident and beautiful, your inhibitions will naturally fall away.

Pretend you’re someone else
It can be healthy to adopt a different persona in the bedroom. It allows you to make bolder choices such as talking dirty or playing the bad girl. You should even dress up for the occasion. Here are our favourites.
Bad girl – put on some leather boots and a biker jacket, it’s really up to you how much you want to leave to your hubby’s imagination.
Nurse – You can take this persona wherever you want as the variations are as endless as your imagination. Some classics would be sexy nurse, sweet and innocent nurse or even manga nurse.
Doctor – Both husbands and wives can play this role and once again the idea is to be free about how you want the character to be or the role to be played out.
Movie character - Once again the sky's the limit and you can really have fun with this one, especially if you incorporate it into foreplay and assuming the character during the dinner date and the way you both seduce each other into bed. It would be fresh, exciting and also really creative as you would be doing lots of improvisational work!

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Communication is key
Remember though, that with all acts of intimacy and affection it is important for you to talk about how comfortable both you and your spouse are about it. There really is no point in doing something that you don’t enjoy or are uncomfortable with.

Also talking about it makes both you and your partner aware of what each person wants in the sack and this ultimately increases sexual satisfaction as well as decrease inhibitions in bed.

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