Re-ignite the spark in your relationship!

Re-ignite the spark in your relationship!

Is your relationship lately feeling a little flat? Your time togehter is limited and when you are together, you avoid each other's eyes and mumble responses instead of talking. When you do talk, its about the kids, work or finances. Return the spark to your relationship with these tips.

When in a relationship for a long time, you may go through times when there seems to be no excitement or connection between the two of you. Often, this can be seen in the way either one partner reacts to the other during sex or even during everyday interactions.

Avoiding each other's eyes, mumbling responses and spending as much time as possible away from each other are definite tell-tale signs.

If this is happening in your relationship, don't be discouraged. This needn't mean that your partner and you have fallen out of love. In fact, all it could mean is that either or both of you have just gotten lazy. It can be fixed.

Here are some simple ways to bring back excitement into your relationship:

Be cheesy. 

It will bring some humour into the relationship and lighten things up. Sending cheesy text messages to your partner is guaranteed to bring a smile to his or her face. Sending them e-cards or flowers with ridiculously sappy messages will stir up affection.

Use nostalgia.

Is there something the two of you used to do when you first started dating? A silly name you used to call your partner, or a particular place you used to visit together? Well, do it again! It is sure to re-ignite great memories and remind both of you what you love about being in this relationship.

Do something out of the ordinary.

Routine and romance don't go together. If the romance is going stale, it is time to do something different. This could be as simple as cooking a new dish for dinner or as elaborate as re-decorating your bedroom. However, remember to make sure that your partner enjoys the difference, or else this could backfire.

Get away.

Two very fun people could have a boring relationship just because they don't fight the nonchalance that sets into a relationship after a while. To remind yourselves that you aren't two dull workaholics who have forgotten what excitement is, it's nice to get away to some place nice. This doesn't have to be a ridiculously expensive vacation.

Plan a picnic for just the two of you at a nice garden you've never been to. Put considerable effort into the details of his outing and be as mysterious as possible about it. This is bound to re-kindle a spark in your relationship!

Any other ideas for how to make your relationship fun for both of you again? Share your ideas with us!

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Sandra Ong

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