Planning an Easter egg hunt

Planning an Easter egg hunt

Do something special and different this Easter! Celebrate the season with your kids and their friends by planning an exciting Easter egg hunt. Here are some suggestions for a fun day outdoors egg hunting!

Celebrate Easter with an egg-citing egg hunt!

Celebrate Easter with an egg-citing egg hunt!

Easter egg hunts are what most individuals, especially kids look forward to after the Lenten season. A tradition that started in the 1620s, Easter egg hunts are more popular now than ever before.

The objective of the game is for the participants to search for decorated eggs. In some hunts, the individual with the most eggs would also win a prize. Do you want to have your own egg-citing Easter egg hunt with your family?

Plan it well to ensure that everyone has a great time and that no one goes home empty-handed.

The most suitable place to hold an Easter egg hunt is at the park. This is because the area is clean and safe for little children. Also, because of the trees and plants, there are a lot of potential hiding places. Pick out a park in your area that would allow you to have your own Easter egg hunt. No matter how many egg hunters there will be, you should always seek permission from the park personnel to avoid problems and sanctions.

Don’t forget to set a boundary to protect the children. Before starting the hunt, state rules like: “No one is allowed to go beyond the fence” or “No eggs are hidden beyond that big tree”.

Next, decide on the time and date.

If you want to hold the event during Easter Sunday, make sure that your participants don’t have prior commitments as most families go out at this time to bond. If not, you can always have your hunt a week before Easter.

As for the time, make sure that the sun is out but not overly hot like early mornings and late afternoons. The children should be comfortable running around in the park searching for the eggs.

The star of the Easter egg hunt is, of course, the eggs so make sure that you have enough. Usually, 15-20 eggs are allotted for each participant. Decide on whether you are going to use real but hard boiled eggs, chocolate eggs or plastic eggs filled with assorted candies.

Since your hunt’s participants are children, you may want to stick to plastic eggs or chocolate eggs as they’ll be happier to receive candy than real eggs. You could use the hard boiled ones for the egg decorating contest though.

Don’t forget to take note of all the hiding places. You would want to make sure that every egg is found and each hunter goes home with them. Do not place eggs in high places, near wires or around breakable items. Hide them below or slightly above the eye level for easier hunting.

If there is an equal ratio of younger and older children, you might want to set a rule. For example, the older children should only get eggs that are colored yellow and green while the younger ones must only pick out the red and blue ones. This will ensure that all kids would have similar opportunities to find the eggs.

Provide all the things that are needed for the hunt like a baskets, pails or bags. Handing out refreshments is not a bad idea too. But the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the egg-citing Easter egg hunt.

We hope these tips were helpful. Have fun planning your Easter egg hunt. 


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