New trend alert: “Baby mugging”

New trend alert: “Baby mugging”

Those adorable pictures say it all—no explanation needed! Find out more about this baby craze and submit your baby mugging photo to be featured on our website!

Baby mugging:Brian Roosevelt Tjahjono

Brian Roosevelt Tjahjono, 5 weeks

No, you don’t have to stuff your baby in a cup or resort to Photoshop to achieve these results. It is mind-blowingly simple—just put a cup/bowl/teapot/glass/mug in front of your baby and snap away. You can achieve all kinds of different poses. The expression on your baby’s face is priceless.

Baby mugging craze! 

Join this new online sensation now by sending us your baby mugging pictures in wacky and creative poses. We would love to feature your cute babies on Here are some adorable mug shots from some of our readers.

This parent got creative. See if you can decipher the message

baby mugging

Ethan Heng, 4 months 2 days

 Mom+ Dad + LOVE = Baby! Will live happily ever after!

Baby mugging: Dominic Wong

Dominic Wong, 15 months


Baby Mugging: Oscar Emery

Oscar Louis Emery, 11 months 1 week

Baby mugging: Crystabel Too

Crystabel Leah Too, 5 months 2 weeks

Baby Lucas in a mug!

Baby Lucas in a mug!


Baby Kieran Boo at 5 months old being mugged!

Baby Kieran Boo at 5 months old being mugged!

Baby mugging

Baby Ed Ler, 3 weeks old

Send us your baby mugging shots now to [email protected]! We would love to feature them here.


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Felicia Chin

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