Parenting trend: Hanging baby seat gives mums an extra hand

Parenting trend: Hanging baby seat gives mums an extra hand

Always stressing on how to take your infant to public restrooms with you? Check out how the innovative gadget, Babykeeper Basic gives mums an extra hand by securely holding on to their child! This contraption will have you wishing it was designed years ago!

Babykeeper Basic

Tired of having your hands full when running errands, check out how Babykeeper Basic can help you!

Admit it, at one point or another we’ve all relied on people to help hold our infants because either nature called, or our hands were too full. Even worse, let’s not forget about the times when we actually didn’t have anyone around to give us an extra helping hand, and we somehow had to scramble to make ends meet by ourselves. For all of those troubled times you couldn’t hold your baby, but wanted to make sure he or she was in safe ‘hands’ — Babykeeper Basic is the ultimate answer to your prayers!

What is it?

Babykeeper Basic is a revolutionary gadget that is probably every parent’s dream come true! Created to assist parents, this innovative device is a seat for infants that can be hung up on-the-go. This hanging seat gives parents a chance to use public restrooms or dressing rooms without putting down their precious cargo on the dirty floor.

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How does it work?

Parents don’t always carry strollers with them when they go out, and even if they do, sometimes it’s hard to maneuver them around tight areas.

For days and situations like those, Babykeeper Basic helps by hooking over any cubicle wall or door and holds your harnessed toddler up off the ground.

This easy-to-use device has two large metal hooks, which are covered in a safety webbing and are lined with non-slip material to ensure safety and sanitation. Infants from the ages of six to 18 months can sit in this flexible child carrier, which can also be strategically used in a shopping cart to secure your child from slipping.

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Babykeeper Basic

Ellen holds up the Babykeeper Basic to explain how it works

Dream come true

The idea of giving parents the convenience of being handsfree came from sisters Tonja King and Elisa Johnson, who have 10 kids between them. They came up with this nifty idea and quickly turned into a product called Babykeeper Basic when the sisters realized they were having a hard time running errands with toddlers.

Babykeeper Basic

Do you think Babykeeper Basic is a dream come true for parents on-the-go?

Babykeeper Basic costs a little under S$50 on, and can be a real life saver when it comes to tending to children and errands simultaneously. Kids are known to crawl and pick up every piece of dirt and germ that they can find. It’s our job as parents to prevent any harm and ensure our kids are always in a safe environment.

Would you buy a Babykeeper Basic for your infant? We’d love to hear your opinions!

For more on how the Babykeeper Basic works, watch this entertaining video of Ellen Degenres talking about the product:

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