New trend alert: breast milk flavoured lollipops

New trend alert: breast milk flavoured lollipops

Would you pop breast milk flavoured lollipops into your tots mouth to soothe them?


It seems that breast milk has become the flavour du jour this 2013. First it was breast milk flavoured ice cream, then it was breast milk jewellery and now we have breast milk flavoured lollipops!

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Got milk?

But before you cringe in horror or cry out, we are happy to inform you that this product does not actually contain any breast milk, in fact it is actually vegan but allegedly tastes surprisingly like mummy’s milk. Imagine that -- vegan, breast milk flavoured lollipops!

The breast milk flavoured lollipops made by Lollyphile, an American company is the brainchild of founder, Jason Darling, who was inspired when he noticed how breast milk had the ability to calm babies down. He made an unofficial survey on many of his friends' little tots to see what the results would be like. The marked effect of breast milk that he noticed was the way it “could turn a screaming, furious child into a docile, contented one [and he] knew [he] had to capture that flavour.”

breast milk flavoured lollipops Jason Darling, the owner of breast milk flavoured lollipops

Getting authentic

Darling enlisted the help of some breastfeeding mothers who shared their own supply of breast milk and worked with flavour specialists to capture and ‘candify’ the flavour of breast milk. Darling too got into the act trying the milk of four open-minded new mothers. He was quoted as saying in the Los Angeles Times that one of the milks he tasted was from a friend who had a preemie. He said, “One of my friends had a preemie — it was seven months — and she had higher levels of colostrum, which made it sweeter, bluer and thicker.” His final assessment of his taste tests was that breast milk “all kind of tastes sort of like almond milk, but sweeter.”

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Taste test

The breast milk flavoured lollipops are made up of sugar, corn syrup and other natural flavours and according to the Lollyphile site, “possibly the most inherently satisfying flavour of all time.” They can be purchased from the Lollyphile website at $10 for a pack of four lollipops and they even offer international shipping. So if you’re interested to soothe your crying toddler, perhaps you could pop one of these lollies right into his mouth.

What do you think about these breast milk flavoured lollipops? Would you be adventurous enough to try one for yourself or buy a case of 36 to store for emergency playdates with your toddler crew? Tell us what you think and find out more about these breast milk flavoured lollipops on this video:

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