Breast milk jewellery - cool or creepy?

Breast milk jewellery - cool or creepy?

Mums, while breastfeeding your child, you might want to save a little milk on the side to create a pendant. Check out how a new trend is giving moms the ability to preserve their breastmilk in the form of jewelry.

See how breastmilk jewellery is created

Most parents have a tendency to want to hold on to every memory when it comes to their precious, little newborns. They preserve those memories sometimes by saving a lock of hair, the umbilical cord stump, first footprints, or the tiny knitted hospital hat. But if you think these are the only things you can hold onto, then think again. The newest addition to this list, breastmilk jewellery, the ability to turn your breastmilk into jewellery!

The process of creating breastmilk jewellery

The owner of Mommy Milk Creations, Allicia Mogavero, began selling breastmilk pendants in 2007, but was only noticed recently after adding her products to Etsy, a popular e-commerce website focusing on handmade crafts. Mogavero’s process takes weeks and entails her receiving the client’s breastmilk sample, which she will plasticize and contour into small shapes. She finishes up by setting the shaped breastmilk bead into a pendant. The price for these unique breastmilk jewellery pieces varies anywhere from $64 to $125 depending on the size of the pendant and the shape that the client chooses.

Mogavero mentions on her website, “We've given our children the best start in one of the most selfless acts, we should wear that as a badge of honour. Why not preserve that beautiful memory with an amazing breastmilk pendant made from your very own liquid gold.”

Public reacts to breastmilk jewellery

However, not everyone feels the same way about the breastmilk items as Mogavero does. Using breastmilk to create jewellery can make some people feel uncomfortable because bodily fluids are being used in an unnatural way. This product has sparked mixed responses online. One person wrote, “Anything to make a buck! You don’t need mementos you need memories; build them, it won’t cost you a dime...” While another wrote, “More pathetic than gross. Not within a light year of adorable." There were also people who found the idea clever and innovative.

According to some reviews on Mogavero’s website, for clients this is purely all about bonding with their child in a special way for years to come. One happy client wrote, “Commemorate the bonding experience you had with your child through breastfeeding.”  While another client talked about how they cried when they opened their package, and were excited to receive such an amazing work of art that they could cherish forever.

Is breastmilk jewellery cool or creepy?

Many may be on the fence about breastmilk items, and are still figuring out whether it’s cool or creepy for them personally. However, something to consider is that breastmilk jewellery could be of sentimental value for first-time mothers, or potentially helpful for those who may be grieving the loss of a baby. This might be a unique way to preserve the memories that were made together in a short amount of time.

No matter what the situation is, one thing's for sure, scrapbooking truly isn’t the only way to cling on to your baby's memories anymore!

Where can I buy one?


Currently only local online retailer, Tokens of Eternity provides this handcrafted service with prices ranging from SGD$89 - $159. Products range from pendants to bangles and can be made from a variety of sentimental materials such as pet fur, human hair and breast milk. All lovingly handcrafted of course.

Tell us what you think about this new trend, and if you would ever consider buying breast milk jewellery.

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Sobia Lodhi

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