New GERBER® Graduates Yogurt Melts (No.1 selling product in USA)

New GERBER® Graduates Yogurt Melts  (No.1 selling product in USA)

Yum! It’s time for yogurt! Toddlers can now enjoy nutritious yogurt in a fun way! Gerber® Yogurt Melts contain live and active cultures which is good for your baby’s digestion.

GERBER® Graduates Yogurt Melts

GERBER® Graduates Yogurt Melts – Perfect snacks for toddlers

Yogurt is rich in calcium, aids digestion and is good for developing strong bones and teeth. It also contains important nutrients such as Vitamin A, C and E to support your toddler growth and development.

New GERBER® Graduates Yoghurt Melts offers great taste and nutrition in a fun and non-messy way. GERBER® Graduates Yogurt Melts are made from real yogurt and fruit that are blended together and freeze dried into a lightweight drop. No more cleaning-up for mums who want to give their toddlers a healthy snack that will end up in their tummies and not on their clothes..

GERBER® Graduates Yogurt Melts are targeted at mothers with toddlers aged 8 – 48 months. This is the only product offering the nutrition of real yogurt and fruit – without the mess. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, the live and active cultures are shelf-stable for up to one year – without any preservatives. Yogurt Melts also have an easy consistency and texture which is ideal for babies and toddlers to chew and swallow.

No preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours added.
Available in 2 flavours: Strawberry and Mixed Berries

Selling at all major supermarkets.

Selling price: $6.95

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