Mum discovers needle in apple, following pins in strawberries scare

Mum discovers needle in apple, following pins in strawberries scare

She was peeling apples for her daughters to eat when she made the shocking discovery.

Recently, we were all left second-guessing our strawberries after reports emerged of a disgruntled Australian worker burying needles in strawberries at the company he worked for. Now, an Aussie mum has been left reeling in horror after finding a needle in apple she cut for her children to eat, on Tuesday 18 September.  

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Needle in Apple: Out to Hurt...

According to Channel NewsAsia and 7News Australia, the Sydney mum – only named as Carmello – had been peeling apples for her daughters' snack when she made a scary discovery in one of them. At first, she just thought it was part of the stem. Then, she realised what it was. 

"I just thought, wow, this can't possibly be happening. Not in apples. I'd seen the news about the strawberries and I'd been vigilant about cutting those up for the girls but to see this in an apple..." Carmello told 7News

Reportedly, she bought the Pink Lady apples from a Woolworths supermarket in The Ponds, Sydney.

Pins in Strawberries 

Just last week, Australian authorities cautioned consumers to cut their strawberries before eating them. This warning came after pins were found in many of these fruits. Seven Australian brands were affected by the large-scale contamination. 

Police are still investigating the  incident and have offered a reward to anyone who can provide information on who might have been behind the malicious act. 

New South Wales police are investigating the latest "needle in apple" incident, says CNA

Safety Precautions When Giving Fruit to Kids

It's very scary to think someone deliberately inserted needles into fruits kids love to eat. We now have to cut our fruit to check for pins and needles rather than worms. 

However parents should also cut fruit – especially harder ones like apples – into manageable chunks to avoid the risk of choking among their kids, especially younger ones.  

Another safety tip when it comes to fruit consumption is to always wash them well before eating. We suggest soaking fruit in a mild solution of apple cider vinegar and water. 

Finally, mums and dads, despite this needle in apple news (as well as needles in other fruits), remember that fruits are nature's multi-vitamin pills. So don't stop feeding them to your kids. Just take added safety measures and all will be alright. 


Sources: Channel NewsAsia,7 News Australia

Featured image: 7News Facebook video screengrab

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