Naughty Valentine’s treats for your man

Naughty Valentine’s treats for your man

You don’t have to spend a dime on these naughty little treats for your man! All you need is a sexy you and a coy and playful attitude. It will leave your guy begging for more…

Naughty Valentine’s treats for your man1. Cute ‘lil vouchers

These can be done by hand. Just think up a bunch of activities that your man might want to do with you—a make out session in a park, a late night rendezvous after the kids are asleep, anything you can think of. You can make it as naughty or as PG-13 as you want it to. Remember, those coupons are only valid with you!

2. Sexy panty note

Does your man have a thing for sexy underwear? Duh! Slip one of your sexiest red panties into his work briefcase with a sassy note attached to it—telling him what you’d want to do to him as soon as he walks through the doors of your home. Then when he gets back—pounce on him. Or to spice things up; meet some place other than home and leave text messages on his phone to give him clues on where to find you.

3. Blindfolds

At the end of the night lead him to the bed, lay him down and gently blindfold him with something silky. Trust us, it will drive him crazy not knowing what you’ll be doing to him, where you’ll kiss, lick, nibble or bite. Use ice for the cold effect and blow hot breath on his hot zones—the different temperatures will be tingling and delightful. Tip: Try running pearls, your hair or silk along his manhood.

4. Sexy shower/ sensual soak

We have a feeling you know where this will lead. Light some scented candles, put in some rose petals and make it seem like a spa. You can pamper him by scrubbling him down, washing his hair and massaging him while in the shower. Getting dirty in the shower is fun*wink. When you’re in such wet quarters, rubbing on each other—the intimacy automatically rockets.

5. Body buffet

Place scrumptious food items on strategic parts of your body and allow him to eat off of you. Or if he wants you to eat from his body—that works just as well. This is a carnal act--just remember that every morsel should be licked, polish him clean. Salty or sweet—it’s really whatever tickles your fancy.

6. Let him boss you around

Give him a one day pass to do as he pleases with you—in the bedroom or on the street.

Naughty Valentine’s treats for your man7. Peep show tease

Pretend you don’t know that he is watching—but plant yourself somewhere he can see you and do a slow strip tease. When he comes up from behind, you can give him an exotic lap dance—shake that booty, they love to see that jelly go…

8. Stroke his errr…ego

He needs constant assurance that you think he is a stud, a genius-- a real man. Let him know that you want to devour him, and it’s not just him who is horny all the time.

9. Public seduction

When was the last time you showed him how much you love him—or more importantly what a sexy beast you think he is. Caress his thigh during dinner, lick his ear in front of the valet person, squeeze his butt in the elevator or grab his package (a quick one) at the mall. Let him know there is more where that came from—later…

10. Frisky To-do list

Make out a playful to-do list of all the naughty things you could do to each other and place a box next to each item. He can checkmark all that applies or turns him on. Then there is no need to read his mind. Well, of course, you’d have to think of what to put on the to-do list in the first place. Here are some ideas.

Ladies, you can give your man these treats anytime—don’t limit it to Valentine’s only. They’ll love you for it and you can suggest these tips so that you are guaranteed an orgasm or even multiple climaxes.

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Felicia Chin

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