Motivating your child to learn

Motivating your child to learn

The expert from Berlitz explains how to keep your child motivated both in class and at home.

Motivating your child to learnThere are many reasons why a child might be motivated or unmotivated to learn. We can look at both internal and external factors and ultimately if the interest is there, there should be an innate motivation to learn that does not require too much pushing from you.

The expert from Berlitz explains how to keep your child motivated both in class and at home.

Motivating a shy child in class
We believe that the best motivator for any child to learn are usually through interactions with peers. Berlitz kids language lessons are delivered through a number of activities that kids will find engaging and fun. These activities such as games, songs and chants, arts and craft and role plays all create a safe and conducive environment for even the shiest child to open up.

A parent’s role
However, this said, it is clear that the parent's involvement in their child's development is paramount. We encourage our kids' parents to be actively involved in the language learning of their child. Helping them practice speaking at home, helping with home work activities and most of all, helping the child to understand what is expected from them in and out of the classroom. We provide ongoing counseling for our parents so that if at any time they have queries regarding their child's development, we can assist them and help them to help their child to reach their language goals.

Learning continuously
Learning does not stop when your child leaves the classroom. It is an ongoing lesson and we at Berlitz give him/her the tools to continue learning and utilize the skills they have learnt and apply them outside the classroom. How parents can help is to be actively involved. Parents should always check homework, read with their child and encourage natural use of the language through functional activities such as ordering in a restaurant or buying something in a store. It's always a great idea to set aside a specific time period to use just the target language such as meal times where the whole family can spend time together practicing what has been taught.

Usually, when a child sees that his/her parents are taking a healthy interest in their child's development, motivation tends to grow organically. The best incentive however, is the promise of a better future. Show your child what learning a second, or in some cases, a third language, can do for their future. Employment opportunities would increase and chances to travel become endless. Usually, especially for older children, when these future chances are seen as possible realities, they will be more self-motivated in their learning.

Tools of the trade
Just like any subject, language learning requires effort on the student’s part. And as parents you can do your part to create the best learning environment for your child at home so he remains constantly motivated.

We would recommend consistent practice at regular intervals so that the language learning becomes part of their routine and something they look forward to. You should use the materials you get from our enrollment package but you can also branch out to use approved sites on the internet and CD’s of popular songs to round out your learning environment.

You can learn more about why Berlitz is not only the best fit for your child but also the most efficient and how language learning could open more doors for your child in the future.


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