The most efficient way to learn language

The most efficient way to learn language

Everyone is not made equal and this goes for our learning style as well. Let the experts from Berlitz answer those burning questions on the most effective way to learn language.

The most efficient way to learn languageEveryone is not made equal and this goes for our learning style as well. However, something can be said for the effectiveness of active learning as opposed to passive learning. That is what Berlitz endorses and expert Chris Supple is back to answer your burning questions on language education.

How is the practice use of language a better learning approach than academic preparation and scoring?
It’s all about retention and it has been proven that practice use of language enables better retention. Over the years, we have had numerous students coming to us whom have learned language through the study of text books and through written activities that explore grammar. This type of learning is still considered passive and although they might have a good understanding of the language, their ability to use the language actively in conversation and interactions remains in most cases quite low. It is a cliché but one that is very relevant: if you don't use it, you lose it. Active use of language not only ensures a higher level of retention, but will also enable better pronunciation, correct register, formality and tone.


How does Berlitz ensure my child will learn effectively through conversation?
In the Berlitz kids classroom we understand that every individual learns differently. Spatial, musical, mathematical etc, are just some of the learning styles by which people acquire language. We try to include a rich mix of activities that allows for all of the various styles to be incorporated in each and every lesson. Games, role plays and activities are engaging so that children feel motivated to speak. Moreover, as all lessons are functionally focused; meaning that activities are designed with functional language in mind (language that is immediately applicable to the child's daily life), the Berlitz learner will usually be motivated to speak in class and continually practice through conversing.


How does my child benefit more from learning languages from trainers who are highly proficient in the language?
Children learn correct language from speakers using the language correctly. It's really as simple as that. As the first phase of our teaching cycle focus on the accuracy of speaking, it is extremely important that the language being taught is modeled correctly. There is no use in performing what has been taught if it indeed has been delivered incorrectly.

However students don’t just learn by modeling, as our aim is on an active learning environment, these trainers will be on hand to answer any questions with regards not just to proper speech but also tone and pronunciation. After all, the whole point of language is to communicate and the team at Berlitz will help your child in his learning journey to become an effective communicator.

You can learn more about why Berlitz is the best fit for your child and how language learning could open more doors for your child in the future.


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