Mastering languages with Berlitz: an intro

Mastering languages with Berlitz: an intro

Chris Supple, a master trainer at Berlitz shares with us what makes Berlitz unique and the best fit for your child.

Mastering languages with Berlitz: an intro

Language learning is getting more important as the world gets smaller. More parents are interested in sending their children for classes and with the range of language schools out there, it can be quite a headache to choose one right for your child.

Language teaching and language learning is changing constantly, yet, a method that is proven to work and has stood the test of time is the Berlitz method. Starting out 134 years ago in Providence, Rhode Island in the US by Maximilian Berlitz, the Berlitz method is based on using language as a tool for communication.

Berlitz Now and Then
Berlitz has remained relevant in the new age as it not only relies on its time-proven principles of the Berlitz Method and a conversational teaching style, but it is constantly supplemented with new and updated information, and the latest multi-media lesson materials.

The Berlitz Method today continues to focus on using language as a tool for communication, just as it did when Maximilian Berlitz developed in 1878. He helped revolutionize learning by introducing one of the first forms of the ‘direct method’. Today, there are a variety of derivative methods and theories which find their beginnings in the natural and communicative elements that were pioneered by Berlitz. The main principle behind these methods is that all instruction is given in the target language. Additionally, the Berlitz Method has always presented language in context of real-life situations, with extra targeted practice of grammar and vocabulary.

Communication is key
The essence of language is to communicate a thought, idea or feeling. Berlitz, understanding this, uses a communicative approach to language learning, where students learn through listening and speaking, supported by reading and writing. Grammar is learnt as a means of communication.

Every student is different
Understanding that each student learns differently, the Berlitz Method uses a variety of instructional techniques which address different learning styles and maintains a balance between fluency and accuracy that is consistent with the needs of each student. To ensure that our students reach their language learning goals, Berlitz provides professional guidance on learning strategies and focuses on motivating students to actively participate in the learning process.

Key principles
·  Goal oriented, lively instruction, focused on students’ needs.
·  Maximum student participation.
·  Exclusive use of the target language.
·  Students learn through listening and speaking, supported by reading and writing.
·  Our students learn grammar as a means of communication.

A suitable program for everyone
Today, in Singapore, our dedicated professionals from all over the globe are committed to providing the most comprehensive approach to language learning available. No matter what your language goals are, we are sure that we can provide a suitable program with materials that will help you achieve them, regardless of your age or whether you have any background in the target language.

Learning made fun
At Berlitz, English instruction for children is second to none. For children ages 4-7, we've created an exciting and interactive program that builds speaking, reading, listening and basic writing skills. At Berlitz, we understand the importance of play as a powerful tool to help reinforce the child’s understanding and retention of language.

All classes include what we call ‘Threads’, activities that connect the individual parts of each lesson and enable them to flow into one comprehensive class. Activities include games, songs and chants, arts and crafts, role-play and drama and of course, TPR; Total Physical Response.

Customised classes
For children 8-11, Berlitz offers English Beat, a completely effective and modern program addressing age-appropriate topics with refreshing, timely exercises and materials. Teens 12 and up can study Berlitz English in a regular program or choose English instruction and immersion designed more specifically to their individual needs or, work from Time Zones, an exciting new program developed in conjunction with National Geographic and made specifically for our older kids.
Mastering languages with Berlitz: an intro
About Christopher Supple
Chris started his career as language instructor at Berlitz Kuala Lumpur in 1999. He became Manager of Instruction in just 12 months and after three and a half years in Malaysia, relocated to Sydney to train the Manager of Instruction of the new centre there. He returned to Singapore as Manager of Instruction in 2002.

In 2009, Chris completed a Psychology degree with Honours, completing a thesis on the modifiable determinants of adolescent drug and alcohol consumption in order to target teen problems surrounding drug and alcohol abuse.

He has been involved with training children, teens and adults from a broad range of cultures and backgrounds for almost 20 years having originally come from a training background in Hospitality Group Trading.

He has taught children from ages as young as three and has done a great deal of work in the field of adolescent development, and language proficiency for all ages.
Chris, who is currently based in Singapore, has worked with children in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia during his time in Berlitz.


If you're keen on finding out more here's who you can contact:

Berlitz Language Centre (Singapore) | SMS / Call: (65) 9777 3527 / (65) 6733 7472 | Email: [email protected]

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