Mini Condoms To Bring Down Teenage Pregnancies in Switzerland

Mini Condoms To Bring Down Teenage Pregnancies in Switzerland

As teenage pregnancies are on the rise worldwide, Switzerland responds with mini condoms for younger boys.

Countries around the world are implementing new programs and initiatives every day to bring down teenage pregnancy rates. And these programs are getting increasingly creative…or desperate. For instance, health officials in Leicester, England have released a shocking video that shows a girl giving birth in her school's football field. This, they believe, will be more effective than preaching to kids about the consequences of casual sex.

However, Switzerland has taken on a totally different approach. Leading condom manufacturer Lamprecht AG has created Hotshot, an extra small condom for boys between 12 and 14 years of age. This condom was designed and produced after a government study revealed that younger boys were not using adequate protection while having sex. Also, the proportion of 12-14 year-old boys engaging in teen sex has increased since the 90s. Hotshot is currently only available in Switzerland but its manufacturers revealed that the U.K. appears to be a viable market for future expansion plans.

Nancy Bodmer of the Centre for Development and Personality Psychology, who headed the study, revealed that she was shocked at the results. She acknowledged that young boys have a higher tendency not to protect themselves and the girls whom they are having sex with. She further added that young boys have minimal knowledge of sex and its repercussions.

But by producing condoms specifically catered to younger boys, is the government giving youngsters the go-ahead to have sex at that tender age? While it is important to protect boys and girls that young from the possibilities of STDs and pregnancies, isn’t it also important to protect them from sexual experimentation altogether? This might lower the rate of teenage pregnancies, but might it encourage more children that age to have sex?

What is your opinion? Should Switzerland be applauded or condemned for taking such measures? Does Singapore need to promote mini condoms to our teens?

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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