Men With Curvy Wives Are 10 Times Happier Says Study

Men With Curvy Wives Are 10 Times Happier Says Study

A new study is claiming that men who are in relationships with full-figured women are ten times happier. Read on to find out more!

Though a previous study has found that women with handsome husbands are more at risk for disordered eating, there is some good news. It seems that men with curvy wives have a lot to be happy about.

A new study, conducted by UNAM's Department of Psychology, claims that men who chose to be in relationships with curvy women were found to be 10 times happier than those with partners who were skinny.

Based on their findings, researchers believe that men with curvy wives or full-figured girlfriends solved problems easier because curvy women had better survival skills and can easily adapt to life's changes. As a result, their partners had a higher chance of living longer.

The study also concluded that a bigger body type makes reproduction and childbirth easier. These women also had a more positive outlook and smiled more often.

It's important to note that these findings were based on a limited pool of candidates, and should in no way be taken as gospel truth.

Though the finding of this study are heartening, it's important to remember that true, lasting love knows no size!

Here are some tips on how husbands can inspire body positivity in their wives

1. Express your concerns with sensitivity

Have a talk with your wife and remind her why you find her desirable. Be open to her issues with negating her constantly. Hear her out and reassure when needed.

2. Avoid 'toxic influences'

Steer clear of dieting, people who keep criticizing her weight, or being too conscious about your own weight. Be sensitive enough not to criticise other people's appearance or your own in front of her.

3. Exercise for the right reasons

Value your health, and don't work out to simply look good. Whether you're looking to gain or lose a few pounds, make sure you're not driven by aesthetic reasons, but by your overall well-being.

4. Reassure her with patience

Compliment her, but don't discount her feelings. Her insecurities are valid, so honor that by listening genuinely and patiently reassuring her that you love her no matter what and you want her to be happy!


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