Study: Mums With Big Hips Can Have Kids Who Are Smarter

Study: Mums With Big Hips Can Have Kids Who Are Smarter

Scientists seems to have straightened one of the most tantalising mysteries: Why women have curvy bodies? Full story here.

We all know how difficult it is to lose that post-pregnancy weight. At times, we even feel guilty when we’re unsuccessful. But mums with big hips and bums should stop beating themselves up over their voluptuous bodies.


Because scientists have now found that having fat on your thighs and bottom is great for your baby’s brain development and chances of survival! 

Do mums with big hips make smart kids?

Study: Mums With Big Hips Can Have Kids Who Are Smarter

If you have curvy hips, it’s time to rejoice!

Scientists claim that your baby’s brain development depends on the fat that is directly stripped from your thighs and bottoms. This is especially true for breastfeeding mums. 

Mums, you know that the fat on your thighs and hips is the most difficult to lose. But your ability, and that of other women, to hold on to fat on your legs and hips is a crucial element in the evolution of intelligence.

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have the research to prove it.  

The fat in these areas is a depot for building a baby’s brain

Montgomery's tubercles, mums with big hips

The fat on breastfeeding mums’ thighs, hips and bums fuel their baby’s nutrition.

Professor Will Lassek is a public health epidemiologist at Pittsburgh University. His latest research was about the link between DHA intake and intelligence. The findings were published in science papers and also in a book called Why Women Need Fat

He says, “You need lots of fat to make a nervous system and the fats in these areas are also enriched in DHA [docosahexaenoic acid] which is a particularly important component in the human brain. It looks as if women have evolved to accumulate these fats and hold on to them — until a baby arrives.”

He further explains that when a mum is nursing, this stored fat gets into action. As a result, the DHA stored here gets used by the growing brain for healthy development.

Amazingly, of the total DHA requirement for a baby, 80% comes from a breastfeeding mum’s stored fat. Moreover DHA is less than 1% of your body fat and that’s why a lot of it needs to be shifted. This leads to lactating mums usually losing weight faster than those who do not breastfeed. 

Isn’t this just the kind of good news you needed right now? At the same time, mums, don’t forget that maintaining a healthy BMI is also crucial to living a happy, healthy life with your loved one. 

Source: The Times

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