You Do Little Things for Your Children, Why Not for Your Spouse?

You Do Little Things for Your Children, Why Not for Your Spouse?

The best married couple advice is often to be more aware of your partner's feelings. But there is more to a happy marriage. Read on to know.

We go out of our way to make sure that our kids feel loved, protected and comfortable. But we forget to do the same for our partners. The best married couple advice is often to be more aware of your partner’s feelings. 

But there is more to this. 

Just like everything else, marriage also has its highs and lows. The important thing is to navigate through them so you can form a tighter bond.

No matter how many years you have been married, some rules remain the same. Of course, to put them into practice is never easy, but they do help in the long run.

So if you want to bring that love and trust back into your relationship, we suggest you try these five things. We are sure they will bring that magic back into your marriage.

Married couple advice

Married couple advice worth its weight in gold

1. Balance your love 

Positive affirmations can do wonders for your marriage. Often, you may feel bogged down by daily routines. Sometimes a heavy workload and stress from the office may trickle into your home life. That is where positive life affirmations come into picture.

Instead of putting down your partner for the one thing they did wrong, how about just letting all that small stuff go? If you are upset and angry at that moment, a simple ‘hmmm’ is better than a snarky remark. 

You can even send small messages saying that you miss your partner. Encourage and applaud them for the little things they might be doing at home. For instance, you can appreciate their taste in food or decor. Show them positivity and love, and it will come right back at you. 

2. A touch of kindness 

You don’t always have to indulge in public display of affection. Sometimes a touch on the shoulder or holding hands is enough to show that both of you are still connected and in love. 

If you can kiss your children ‘good morning’ why not your partner? Touch can be complex but the feelings it evokes can bring the two of you together. 

Not to forget, a tender touch also means that you have faith in your partner and you trust them. So all their secrets are safe with you. They come first and everybody else comes later. 

You can make this bond even stronger by spending a minimum of 30 minutes together. Participate in an activity that both of you enjoy. It can be cooking or watching a television series together or just reading quietly. All of these will most certainly being you even closer. 

3. No one is perfect 

It goes without saying that if you expect your partner to be perfect, you should be too. Acknowledging and respecting your partner’s imperfections goes hand-in-hand with peace and harmony in your relationship.

It is also one of the greatest pieces of married couple advice you will ever get!

You can both try to improve and be better for each other, but trying to be perfect is just not the way to do it. When you work on your flaws and expect the best from your spouse, you will see magic happening. And when one of you changes, the other will get motivated to do the same as well. 

So next time you do not like something your spouse does, politely tell them to do it in another way. “It might work, what do you think?” you can suggest. Abstain from making fun of your partner because it will only hurt them. 

Most importantly, accept your own flaws and work on them daily. That is what daily affirmations are for. If you do something out of the ordinary, praise yourself. And if you do something wrong, reflect on it and try to do better next time. 

married couple advice

Don’t fuss about if your partner didn’t brush his hair or if you are not wearing your sexiest dress. | Image courtesy: Pixabay

4. Spice up your life

With kids in the house, it might become difficult to have sex. So why not schedule it? 

In our busy lives, we often forget that spontaneity can work wonders to break monotony. If that means getting a quickie right before the kids come back from school, why not?

Don’t fuss about if your partner didn’t brush his hair or if you are not wearing your sexiest dress. Just enjoy that time together.

Apart from some adventures in the bed, you can try new activities to bring peace and calm into your marriage. Going for couple’s yoga, adding a new hobby to the list and of course dressing up for your partner on some days can all do wonders. 

There is nothing wrong in experimenting and bringing about change in your routine. It can be magical sometimes. How’s that for married couple advice? 

5. Fight fair 

Just as you do not want your kids to be raised in a negative environment, the same goes for your marriage. It is a bond that grows and needs constant nurturing, just like your kids. 

If you do get into a fight, be fair. Try to solve a problem between just the two of you. Do not involve your parents and other family members. Also, do not bring them into your fights.

Most couples often fight because of those around them and not necessarily because they have a problem with each other. Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve hold no place in a happy marriage. 

“Your mother did this to me, your sister is mean…” These are also irrelevant as long as you do not live with them. Married couple advice cannot revolve around the family, sometimes it’s just about the two of you.

This brings us to developing a sense of the right time and place to fight. Sometimes hunger, fatigue and workload can stress us into using harsh words. We may even do this in public. Worse, we may do this in front of the kids. 

If you want to discuss something serious with your partner, don’t add another activity like watching television with it. Give your 100 percent. Are such fights better than the one’s you’ll have in public? Maybe not. 

But at least you know that you kept your issues between the two of you and came to a solution together. 

Remember that at the end of the day, your partner is the only one you can truly depend on and trust. So build that from the get go.

The more you work together towards building harmony and peace in your home, the more magic you will see happening in your relationship. That’s perhaps the best married couple advice nobody will share with you. 

Source: Reader’s Digest

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