Lucas's birth

Lucas's birth

Yuni Le shares her labour story with

It was another induced labour for me when I gave birth to Lucas. I was admitted to hospital on 30 January 2010 and Prostine was inserted to me early in the morning and nothing happened until after my husband bought me the prosperity beef burger from McDonald for lunch.

The contraction started to come the moment I had my first bite of the burger. Funny as it is but it is true. I bear with it until 4:30pm and the contraction became very regular and unbearable. I requested to be transfer to the labour ward as I wanted the painkiller injection. After I reached the labour ward, I was given the painkiller injection through my thigh. I still persisted that I do not want the epidural.

I felt comfortable after a while and I drifted in and out, and managed get some rest. However after 4 hours, the pain started to come back again and it's worst. I was offered the laughing gas but I do not want it as I found it very difficult to control my breath and myself when I need to push during my previous labour. I tried to bear with it.  But until around 11pm, I was only 3cm dilated.

Feeling frustrated and on the other hand, I do not want to lose my energy when I really need to push, I asked for epidural. I was determined to stick to only one dosage. And the pain stopped, and I am able to rest and relaxed. It does help with the dilation. Around seven in the morning, the pain came back and I was determined not to ask for another dosage of epidural. It was given to me but I didn't press the button given to me to administer my own dosage. I wanted to push by myself. I kept doing the breathing technique and guess what?  Around 9 in the morning when the midwife checked on me, she could almost see the baby's head coming out. She asked me to stop pushing and she called for my gynea. A few pushes after the gynea reached the labour ward, and Lucas came safely into the world. It was a long labour, but all of the pain was worth it.

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