A Pampered Stay at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Maternity Ward

A Pampered Stay at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Maternity Ward

Find out how a tired mum gets her much-deserved rest and comfort at Mount Elizabeth Hospital maternity ward after delivery.



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You know that giving birth to a new life is a beautiful experience. Yet, after going into a long labour and experiencing the rush of excitement upon seeing your newborn, the next thing you would want to do is to hit the sack.

Imagine, then, being wheeled out to a room where people on the beds next to you are chatting on the phone or watching the television. Covering your ears with your blanket will not help very much.

Ms Vivien Low experienced just that when she gave birth to her first baby. That was why when she got pregnant with her second one, she was determined to choose a hospital where she would be able to have both privacy and a good rest.

Vivien recently delivered her second bundle of joy at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, and she is glad that she made the right choice.


Ideal Room for Rest and Guests

mount elizabeth hospital maternity ward

Vivien had her well-deserved rest in one of the single rooms at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Her single room was very spacious, at almost 30 square metres. It was big enough for her 23-month-old son to carve out a play area for himself, while still leaving ample space for others to walk around!

Those who visited her and the baby at Mount Elizabeth Hospital were well taken care of. Vivien’s guests had comfortable seats on the sofa bed, armchair or chair at the work desk in her room, while they chatted. Also, besides the usual television and Wi-Fi access, the room came with a small fridge for some cold drinks for the new mum and guests.

The needs of the dad are not forgotten either. Vivien’s husband could also lie down and take a rest on the sofa bed or choose to catch up with work at the desk, while still being with his wife and baby. The dad can also choose to stay in with the new mother, sleeping on the sofa bed and enjoying in-house meals delivered to the room.

Fine Dining, Big Portions

The highlight of her stay, Vivien admits, was the food, which she could choose from the daily menu. Her typical Western set came with soup as appetiser, and juicy tenderloin, baked potatoes and crunchy asparagus as the main meal. Her dessert was a fancy and delicious slice of cake.

mount elizabeth maternity ward

Photo credit: Beautiful Chaos (beautifulchaos.sg/)

Moreover, the food portions served were large. Vivien was especially grateful for this, as she had started breastfeeding and was often feeling hungry. She was encouraged to make additional requests for Milo and bread if her stomach grumbled in between meals, and she did just that.

On the last night of her stay at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Vivien and her husband were treated to a congratulatory dinner. Complete with an elaborate set-up of candles and flowers, a bottle of sparkling juice (no alcoholic drinks for lactating mums!) served in a bucket of ice just like champagne – it was a romantic dinner indeed.


Special Touch

At Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s maternity ward, fine details matter, and that made all the difference for Vivien.

mount elizabeth maternity ward

Photo credit: Beautiful Chaos (beautifulchaos.sg/)

At one section of Vivien’s room, there were shout-out cards and photo props such as “Proud Grandpa and Grandma” and “Labour of Love”. This formed the perfect backdrop for a few good pictures for both the mum and the guests. To Vivien, that certainly added a special touch to the room.

mount elizabeth maternity ward

Photo credit: Beautiful Chaos (beautifulchaos.sg/)

Vivien also discovered a fine touch in her attached bathroom. New towels and a new hospital gown were provided every day for her. The toiletries were also grandly displayed in the toilet, just as you would see in a hotel room. Vivien was particularly impressed with the premium Crabtree and Evelyn range of bath toiletries – “branded ah!”

The human touch was also something that Vivien made special mention of. Besides the caring and friendly staff, she was especially touched by the nurse at the labour ward who came to check on her just before she was discharged.

Even mundane matters out of the maternity ward had been thought of by Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Vivien’s husband had unlimited entry and exit at the hospital’s car park over the three days Vivien stayed in. Mount Elizabeth Hospital also allows free parking if the dad opts to stay over at the maternity room with the mum.

All in all, Vivien says that her stay at Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s maternity ward provided her with a sense of exclusivity and assurance, and made her feel the warmth of care – all on an affordable price tag. She vows to go back to Mount Elizabeth Hospital the next time, should she have a third child.

Have you stayed at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Maternity Ward before? What was your experience like? Share with us in the comments!

For more information about the maternity ward services at Mount Elizabeth Hospital and to book a maternity tour, please call (+65) 6731 2000 or visit www.mountematernity.sg. A virtual tour of the rooms is available at http://www.mountelizabeth.com.sg/virtualtour/meh/orchard/single-room.html 

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Shoba Nair

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