Birth Story

Birth Story

Lynn Zhang shares her labour story with

On my appointment with Dr Irene Chua on 10 July 2009, was asked to admit the nexy day for induce birth as he is too big for a 37weeks and might be too big to deliver naturally if we were to wait any longer.

on 11 july 2009 at 1.30am i admit to kkh delivery suite and sent to observation ward. did ctg first to see whether there's any contractions.

2.30am: no contractions and hence nurse did a VE and told me that ive not dilate. She inserted the 1st pill and observe me for another 2hrs to see the contractions.

5.00am: found out no regular contractions and so they proceed to do the admission to ward for me.

5.45am: as there's no more bed available for b1 ward, was given a a1 ward and sent to ward to rest

7.15am: brought down to labour ward as supposed to be on drip alreadi for further induction. Dr on duty came and did VE as per Dr Irene Chua's instruction, the doctor was supposed to break my water bag and put on drip. but Dr on duty realised that im onli 1cm dilate and so check with Dr Irene Chua whether they should go ahead to break the water bag and put me on drip or to insert another pill.

8.10am: Dr on duty came to insert the 2nd pill. another Dr tried to poke the needle into my hand. but unable to pass thru even after flushing it was salt water. decide to try again later.

9.00am: Dr came to poke the needle again at the side of the hand as she said that the first point where she poke might have a valve somewhere hence unable to go thru. poke successfully but lost alot of blood! blood on the bed, her hand, my hand, floor and on the bed frame.

9.45am: Dr Irene Chua came to do VE. water bag start to leak as she did the VE. told that onli 1.5cm dilate.

10.10am: start to put on glucose as no food and drink since the drip is gonna start at 12pm. have not eating since midnight.

12.30pm: put on drip to fasten the induction. alreadi hafing strong and regilar contractions.

2.40pm: contraction getting stronger, longer with shorter interval. tried laughin gas but no effect. talked to zhu mummy on the phone till i cannt tahan and cry. request for epidural. VE done by nurse and to my horror, still 1.5cm dilate!

3.10pm: epidural given. while being given epidural, have total 3 contractions and my water bag seems to haf burst. with each contractions lots and lots and lots of water came out.

3.40pm: dr on duty check. finally abit better at 2.5cm dilate. feel happi that i did take epidural. so fast another 1cm opened =p

5.00pm: woken up due to contractions pain again. asked for increase dosage of epidural. VE done, still 2.5cm dilate. feel depressed bcos so long onli 2.5cm. urine tube inserted to drain out the urine since ive no more feelings. talk to baby darius physco him to come out as im so afraid that will need to go for c-sect since for so long, im still 2.5cm dilate.

7.15pm: nurse find the contractions interval getting further and further apart hence did a VE and to our surprise. alreadi 9cm dilated! super happy. she went to informed Dr rene Chua and told me to let her know should i feel the urge to push or poo.

8.00pm: alreadi fully dilate but still no urge to push or poo. onli haf urge to urinate, which im not supposed to feel the urge to urinate since i alreadi haf the tube to drain the urine out. the epidural made my body totally numb hence nurse decide to gif me abt 30mins to cool down the epidural effect as i jus finish the epidural dosage.

8.10pm: temp check and realised that im running a fever. antibiotic given via drip.

8.50pm: started to push wif the staff nurse around but still no urge to push, no feel, nothing.

9.00pm: Dr Irene Chua came in to help in the birth.

9.17pm: finally baby darius is out! and when he's out, he splash alot of water on Dr Irene Chua. got stitch up while baby darius is being cleaned up and push back to ward afterwards. (:

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