As it happenned

As it happenned

Suhanya shares her labour story with

I was due to deliver on the 3rd of December...I flew out of Singapore in the middle of September to India . The Plan was to be with my extended family My mom and so Hubby could fly in during my labour...

Until the day I flew in, everything was so perfect... When I went to my gynae in India, She did tell me everything was alright but the Blood sugar! , which was slightly high and I was to keep away from the awesome delicious Indian sweets , and eat only whole fruits!!!!

This was the same week when I had slightly random Blood pressure fluctuations.... and I was so very conscious in monitoring and counting the pattern of the baby's movements!

There was a whole night ,on the 17th of November , I was sleepless and ended up in the hospital the next morning, telling my gynae that I couldn't sense movements of my Baby at all!! Little did I realize , that I was not able to feel it because of my complete exhaustion caused by the lack of a complete night's sleep..

.I went for the scan,the Gynae made me comfortable by letting me listen to the heart beats , see every single movement of the Baby, through the modern-day Blessing,"The Ultrasound scan..."I wonder what people before Ultrasound ages did ,if they had to feel like me ???

The doctor did tell me " We will see how it goes and may be induce on 24th of November..."

Came the 23rd I was in the Hospital, being monitored, to be induced on the 25th ..

The same Night , Someone knocked on to my hospital room door , and I was so confident that it was to be one of the nurses for the routine check up... But to my surprise, came in my hubby . He flew in on time after making me believe WON'T be able to fly in on time from here."Surprise!!!!Surprise!!!!Surprise!!!! "

The next day I was ready for inducing. My first induction was at 9 PM,25th November and the doctor told me I may not get the labour cramps in the night, as intense as they expect , and would feel it more likely after my second round ,that was scheduled for early morning ie on the 26 th of November.

But .... To everyone's SURPRISE I had a lot of intense cramps that Everyone including me thought,I would deliver sooner...Soon came my second induce and To everyone's SHOCK , No pain absolutely after that....!!!!!

Now goes my timeline after that :-

9 am : I was wheeled in to the Labour room...Drips on as the Third round of inducing...

9.15 am : No pain at all... I was happily people watching!!! The nurses who are coming in and going out... the Duty doctors to check on me...

9.30 am :Still no pain....

10.15 am ; Cramps and pain that are getting intense...

10.45 am :And suddenly , the Foetal Heart rate Monitor connected to my tummy beeped high.. more than twice.. and I reacted with the duty doctor , as I graduated and worked in Biomedical Instrumentation This is one big disadvantage of knowing things!!!

And after few telephone calls to I don't know who else other than my Gynae, came in my gynae, Checked my dilation and studied the heart rate of the baby.. It was too low at certain junctures where I had intense contractions,which meant the baby could not withstand my intense contractions.She suspected Nuchal loop (Umbilical cord around the neck of the baby).But she choose to wait for another 30 minutes.

Totally against the Practice in India, My hubby and Mom were let in to the Labour room ,to spend some time with me ,to get to know the situation and to decide on to do a C-section, if situation warrants.The gynae decided to wait for another 30 minutes and if the heart rate was to dip 3 -4 times in that 30 minutes, we were to do a C- section!

In the meanwhile, frantic movements in my room.. nurses were taking my blood samples to send for various tests, phone calls confirming that there was enough blood bags already in the stock for my Blood group ... !!!

11.15 am :And then soon after my mom and hubby left the labour room, the heart rate did dip more than thrice and I was wheeled out of the labour room at Level 2 to the Operation theatre at level 4 and and It was a Scene of "Hubby signing the No objection letter right in front of the theater,as the nurse kept wheeling me in..."

I was met with the anesthetist ,right at the main door inside the theatre and she did explain me the procedure and then wheeled me into the respective room...

In the room ,I saw my gynae all "dressed up " and I was immediately hooked on to N number of wires from N number of Monitors and I was anesthetically numbed hips down in few minutes... And I was wide awake through out the procedure which surprised everyone and I could sense the cut on to my tummy and my anaesthetist pushing the baby, bending from my behind on top of me and helping my gynae to Pull Our Little Sunshine out...

11.58 AM :Out he came and the first cry and my question after all these Frantic scenes " Is my baby fine ?"

The answer was a BIG YES from the pediatrician and " you hear it for yourself " from my Gynae...

I slowly drifted to attentive sleepiness... Finally ...:)

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