Could hubby have erectile dysfunction?

Could hubby have erectile dysfunction?

Relationships seem to be losing their spark after just one year. Experts explain that this may be symptomatic of a treatable condition-erectile dysfunction.

erectile dysfunction Are you and your partner losing the relationship spark?

Losing the relationship spark

Daily Mail recently reported that relationships in the UK have been losing their spark after just one year. Researchers traced the dwindling sexual appetite between couples and 40 per cent of those interviewed described their sex life as “okay” or “it could be better”. For several cases, losing the relationship spark was also attributed to erectile dysfunction (ED).

Dwindling sex drives

Researchers recorded the number of times couples had sex throughout their years of being together. The results are quite a discovery. Here’s why:

Coined as the ‘honeymoon’ phase, the first year of being together is always exhilarating and sexually active. In the UK, 15 per cent of couples have sex everyday. And 53 per cent of couples who have been together for four years have sex a few times a week.

43 per cent of couples who have lasted longer than four years have sex a few times a month. For those who lasted more than 15 years, only 15 per cent of them have sex a few times a year.

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Unhappy sex life

76 per cent of the couples interviewed admitted that they could try better and when asked about the methods they employ to heat things up in the bedroom, 33 per cent of them opted for lube while 24 per cent suggested dressing up or watching pornography. 17 per cent also said they would switch the lights off.

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Problems getting aroused

You may have ED Are you having problems getting sexually aroused?

About 30 per cent admitted to having problems getting sexually aroused. Medical director Dr. Tom Brett at Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor said that “not being in the mood” can sometimes be associated with medical problems.

He added, “Erectile dysfunction (ED) will affect one in 10 men in the UK each year. However our research has shown that very few are willing to take control.”

Many men have left ED untreated and less than 18 per cent have thought about getting a prescription for ED medication. And yet, Dr. Tom Brett asserted that losing the relationship spark “could be very symptomatic of a very treatable condition so getting checked out could be worth more than just improving your performance.”

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Causes for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many causes for ED, and most of them could be due to simple reasons like psychological factors like stress, anxiety, low self-esteem or poor lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive alcohol intake, obesity and lack of exercise.

On top of these simple reasons why men could possible have ED, there are medical ones as well. Chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure or nerve disease/damage, just to name a few could affect a man’s performance adversely. Medications or hormonal abnormalities are likely causes as well.

How to treat Erectile Dysfunction

Treating your ED as soon as possible is not only about rekindling that relationship spark. ED might be symptomatic of other health problems.

Lifestyle changes, psychotherapy or cutting down on medication could help. For medical advice, seek professional help. ED medication is a prescribed drug in Singapore, and there is no way you can get it over the counter.

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Where to seek treatment for Erectile Dysfunction:

1. National Cancer Centre Sinagpore

11 Hospital Drive, Singapore 169610

2. Singapore General Hospital

Dept of Urology,

Outram Road, Singapore169608

For more information on ED, details are on the Sing Health website. 

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