Little one and Daddy

Little one and Daddy

Margaret shares her birth story with theAsianparent

My EDD was on the 3rd November, however I had a strong feeling that our precious will be born on the 4th weekend of October. Daddy was not in town, in fact he is working in Malaysia and I warned him to come over on that weekend because of my strong feeling.

Nevertheless, I told baby to hold on, wait for his father to come home... Well, true enough, in the middle of the night on 22nd October, my water bag burst. Me and my mum rushed to the hospital, and of course, a sms was being sent to baby's daddy. Daddy was so worry and excited at the same time, he drove all the way from the north M'sia, hoping that his precious will wait for his arrival.

My mum accompanied me in the labour room for almost 10 hours. The pain was terrible but I kept telling baby:" Baby, wait for a while more, daddy is on the way, wait for him then only you come out ya"

Finally daddy is here in the labor room with us (mum was allowed to switch with my husband), and 30 mins later, the fruit of our love is here!!! I strongly believe that is the tie between the little one and his daddy.

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