Mary's birth

Mary's birth

Mummy, Yully, shares her labour story with theAsianparent

Here's my labour story.

I delivered my girl exactly at 40 weeks. In the evening, I did a check up with my gynae and still only 2-3cm. I did not feel any contractions, and even went to the gynae by bus.

Around 7pm, I feel a little bit pain. So we went to hospital and went to the Labour Ward.

Nurse did check - still 3-4cm.

After 8.30pm more contraction came. And around 9.30pm, I felt I want to pass motion.  Nurse did check -it's 8cm.  Then after that the bag is broken.  Nurse panicked and called gynae to come - Baby is coming!

But because doctor has not arrived, the nurse asked me to not push. I felt really pain and wanted to push.

They asked me to take gas to relief the pain. I said OK, but after I breathed, I felt faint. They pushed me to Labour ward and waited for the doctor. After 20 mins, the gynae came and Baby came immediately.  I did not have to push her.

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Nasreen Majid

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