My mum, my saviour

My mum, my saviour

SHK shares her labour story with

1st March 2007, the day I became a mum. And what made is more special was having my own mum watching me becoming a mum.

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I was admitted the day before as I have already reached my due date. Being a single mum, I have no companion to share my labour.

The father of my child had never wanted to be part of it. I was induced at 11pm although i was already in the ward at 5pm. the waiting game was the longest wait I have ever had but i know it will be worth it. When I was induced, I was scared.

An hour later i was back to the normal ward. At 3am, I could feel the pain. I had no one to turn to. I did not want to disturb my family as I'm sure everyone is asleep. Having no husband didn't help either. I stayed in the toilet for a long time because every contraction it feel like I need to pass urine.

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Finally at 5am, I was wheeled to the delivery suite. I remembered seeing anxious father to be and it saddened me but I kept reminding myself that I will be the best mum to my child and that gave me the strength. It wasn't long when my water bag broke and yet the nurses thought it was my urine.

Haha... Fortunately my gynae came and true enough, that was the water bag. the contraction was so bad for me. I couldn't take it, I cried, I screamed. and I was scared. I had no hand to hold on to. I kept talking to my baby to be nice to me, at 7am, with gynae's advice, I gave in to epidural... 9am came and I was fast asleep.

When I opened my eyes, I saw my mum. she came because she knew I couldn't do it myself. She came because she knew I needed her. She came because she's my mum and I'm her daughter. at 1.45pm, I began pushing the baby...

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I was told that baby was in the wrong position so it was a difficult labour for me. A matron came in and told me she would help me no matter what and all I had to do was listen to her. At every push, she placed her hand inside me and help to turn the baby.

With every push, I am thankful I had my mum's hand to hold on to. Her warm hands kept me going. Finally after an hour, my son weighing 3030gm was born. He was such a beautiful baby. I had no stitches thanks to the matron.

That special moment had images of me having tears in my eyes and I saw the tears in my mummy's eyes. Thank you mum for being there from day one till today. Thank you for being a wonderful mum and for making me one as well.

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