Latest parenting trend: DIY nail designs for tweens

Latest parenting trend: DIY nail designs for tweens

Red nails, fake nails, hand painted nails, sparkly nails – and many, many more! Can’t count all the different styles on your fingers? Read more to see why DIY nail designs are taking over the tween-world by storm!

Diy nail designs for tweens

Check out why DIY nail designs for tweens is the latest trend making headlines

One of the latest trends of 2013 has to be do-it-yourself (DIY) nail designs for tweens! Nails were already a natural obsession and addiction for most girls, but now this new trend has taken it to a whole different level.

Parenting trend of 2013

It used to be that you and your tween had to go to an expensive salon to get your ‘nail-fix,’ but now it’s all about doing things in the comfort of your own home. In the past, even if your tween ever thought about attempting to do her own nails – either she wouldn’t know where to start or would cringe at the thought of how complicated it would be. However, DIY nail designs put that fear to rest.

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Amp up nails

Nail art has been gaining popularity for a while, but was really noticed in 2012 when ‘Youtubers’ and bloggers started to showcase their creative techniques by decking out nails. Many used household things, such as scotch tape, fish net, toothpicks, and nail polish to come up with interesting and beautiful nail designs, such as flags, marble art, flowers, and tribal stripes (to name a few). It became an online phenomenon when even the not-so-artistic tweens were able to replicate the nail art by simply following the step-by-step tutorials that people would post online.

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Getting started

Essentially, there are two methods or kinds of DIY nail designs. One method is to look up tutorials online with your tween on websites, such as Pinterest, Youtube or Tumblr. Find the household materials required for the tutorial, and follow the directions. Depending on the materials needed, the price varies for each design — making it very affordable.

DIY nail designs

Check out the insider information on the trendy DIY nail designs!

The other method requires going to a grocery store or a local pharmacy to purchase DIY fake nails, which come in a variety of designs, colours and styles. You won’t have to be an artist to do this one. With DIY fake nails: you pick the nail kit you like, match fake nails to your nail size, then apply nail glue (included in the package), and finally press on the fake nails. Voila! You’re done! It’s that easy! Generally the price of this nail kit is under S$10, and the most popular brand is called ‘Broadway Nails.’

DIY nail designs can prove to be a nice bonding experience for the two, if you get creative with your tween. Let us know what you and your tween think about DIY nail designs, and if you have tried any online tutorials yet?

Check out this tutorial to get started on dIY nail designs:

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